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Fake Movie Friday: The Candy Store at the End of the Road

I’m so happy to not be writing a romantic comedy. So let’s get this think started. Title comes from Tigs, the Yoko to my Paul.

The Candy Store at the End of the Road

A 50s-ish man sits in a chair in a dark living room, as only a bit of the morning light is coming in through the thick shades. He has a drink in his hand and his gun in the other. He looks at them both as the phone rings. He then flips his attention from drink to phone to gun. He puts them down and answers the phone. He says he’ll be right there. He walks to the door and puts on a jacket and as he turns to leave we see the back of it says Sheriff.

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Fake Movie Friday Submissions- Adam: Can’t Decide, Say Yes

I finally did it! To get an idea for a title, I did what Tigs and I usually do to come up with website or song title ideas, I opened iTunes and clicked shuffle all, random, and then combined the titles of the next two tracks. First track I got was Black Flag’s “Can’t Decide,” and the second was, I shit you not, “Say Yes” by Elliott Smith. So from Evelyn’s 13,000 songs on this computer, I say that’s pretty weird. So I decided to write a weird movie. Here it is. Not sure if you’ll have fun reading it, but I had a fucking blast writing it the last hour.

Can’t Decide, Say Yes

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Fake Movie Friday: Who Let You Touch Pamela Anderson?

So I completely forgot the title the Goggins’ gave at Pig Pile last night. I asked him and he wasn’t even sure of the actual wording so we settled on this. Here we go!

Who Let You Touch Pamela Anderson?

Movie begins with our main character, Brad, sitting in an interrogation room. He’s handcuffed to a desk looking scared. A detective enters the room sits down on the other side of the table. He flips through a file and sips his coffee. Brad looks uncomfortable in the silence. The detective closes the files and looks up and asks “Who let you touch Pamela Anderson?”

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Fake Movie Friday: Be Mine, Frankenstein

Today is Valentine’s Day. In celebration I’m going to see the Lego Movie with Alex and Tigs. I’ve already seen it. This is my day. Here is my final  love story film in celebration of February. title from everyone’s Valentine, Tigs.

Be Mine, Frankenstein

The movie starts with the famous scene from all Frankenstein movies. It’s black and white and a man is working in his lab hoisting a gurney up to the sky light. Lighting strikes and he lowers it. The body on the table moves. He screams it’s alive. The camera pulls back and we see that this is on a TV and sitting on the couch is a teenage kid with a party hat. His parents sit on either side of him. His mother is crying. He says “Do we really have to watch this every year on my birthday?”

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Fake Movie Friday: College Radio

Title from Tigs. Only one more week until Valentine’s Day and the end of this sappy crap. This is going to be a quick one. I fear I may not make it to 2 years.

College Radio

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