Fake Movie Friday: College Radio

Title from Tigs. Only one more week until Valentine’s Day and the end of this sappy crap. This is going to be a quick one. I fear I may not make it to 2 years.

College Radio

We open on the last week of school at a college. Everyone around campus is listening to the radio as they party and what not. The DJ cuts in and talks about the end of his tenure as head DJ. He introduces Tyler, a Junior, who will be taking over next year. They banter a bit and the old DJ tells everyone about the tradition of the head DJ having sex with a freshman each year.

We cut to the following year and Tyler becomes a big man on campus. His show is a hit. He attends a ton of parties and sleeps with some women, none of them freshman. We cut to a freshman girl, Kim, studying in her dorm. Her roommate is talking about going to a party but Kim would rather stay in. Her roommate drags her out anyway.

At the party Kim and Tyler meet. He is immediately infatuated with her but she isn’t interested. Over the next few days he finds ways to run into her and finally gets her to hang out with him.  They have a great date that she cuts short at first base.

This continues but Tyler starts to realize that he doesn’t care at all, but really likes her. The old head DJ returns and surprises him during the show. He asks on air about the challenge and Tyler tries to stop it.

He finds out that Kim heard it and she is really mad at him. He makes grand gesture after grand gesture. Finally by the end of the year he is appointing a new head DJ. He tells him that the old tradition is over. He challenges him instead to fall in love next year. He did and it made him truely happy. He challenges him to not screw it up like he did though. He leaves the booth but finds Kim, who heard him. They kiss.


The End