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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2- The Caper of Causality

Only 3 weeks left in the year so I should probably use two of them to finish up a trilogy I started during week 41. Title comes from Tigs. Here is a link to the first film The Case for Causality.

The Caper of Causality

Arthur is busy with cases and clients. He’s the talk of the town, we are reintroduced to his neighbor Nora who still hangs out with him and helps him as a bit of an office manager. She also helps him when after a long day of using his power he is exhausted and has a terrible headache. She is making him tea and she starts to hum a song. He gets a vision/memory of being younger and that song being sung to him. He freaks out a bit and asks her about it. She tells him it was just a melody stuck in her head. She heads out and he relaxes until the phone rings.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Candy Land

I’ve been remembering this for a couple weeks now but this is a Friday in which I am very glad I set a Google reminder for this. Tigs isn’t on Gchat. Went back in our convo and remembered last week’s suggestions were all board games. So here we go.

Candy Land

We open in a candy throne room. An adorable little king and subjects sing a cute song about candy and being happy. Darkness creeps in and an evil sorcerer named Count Cavity enters to screams. He takes the king hostage and says he is taking over. A young prince, Toff Butterworth, is whisked away quietly being told that he needs to find the hero of destiny, a young girl true of heart, who will save the land using candy powers. We jump cut to Jake, a Seth Rogen type, snoring in bed.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Slow Creeping Hand of Death

Title this week from Pete. I wanted to make this 200 words… it ended up being over 800…

The Slow Creeping Hand of Death

We start out in a jail. One of the inmates is in a fight with like 20 others. He’s beats them all, getting badly bruised and cut, then is thrown in solitary. A guard says something about “making the most of his last days.”

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Endless Sunshine

Title comes from last nights Pig Pile. I’m starting this at 8:15 am. Let’s hope it makes sense!

Endless Sunshine

We open on an oil drill. Things start rumbling and men are running around frantic as oil is struck. The camera pulls back to a group of protesters and we settle on one attractive looking 20-something, Rebekah, who is really sad. She heads home on a bicycle to a shared apartment. Her friends there convince her to come out with them. She agrees and they start to party. She meets this attractive dude, Curtis, who is out celebrating with friends and they hit it off. She talks about how much she loves the sun and that she wishes she wishes she could live in perpetual sunshine.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Barrel of Monkeys

I saw John Wick Chapter 2 last night and frankly nothing in the world could possibly compare to the joy and excitement I felt/ continue to feel. But it’s Fake Movie Friday and that means I have work to do. This is a bit of a mad caper, lots of characters and shitty comedy bits that I won’t be flushing out. Title comes from a bunch of great ones Tigs gave me last week. The Sharon Stone to my Albert Brooks.

Barrel of Monkeys

We open on complete darkness. A mechanical hatch opens above us and we see the outline of some cargo, specifically a barrel where our focus stays. A crane comes in and picks it up and we find ourselves on the docks of NYC. The barrel is brought off the ship and loaded into the back of a truck with some other goods. The truck drives off. It is stopped by a man, who we’ll come to know as Sam, who hijacks it. He’s pretty polite while he does it.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Taken Identity

I don’t have much to say here. Title from Tigs

Taken Identity

We open in an office. It’s late at night and Tom is hard at work. His eyes are shutting a bit and he’s startled by a knock at the door. It’s his boss Mr. Morlun. He tells Tom that he earned partner with all his hard work and that means he should be able to relax a little bit, maybe take a vacation. Tom smiles at him and says he’ll think about it.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Bigger They Are

A new week and a new fake movie! Title comes from Peter, who is always on top of giving me suggestions because I always forget that we do this until he starts messaging me furiously.

Bigger They Are

It’s the year 21XX and the latest trend in entertainment is monster boxing. It’s kind of like BattleBots except because of science, or whatever, people are able to make giant Godzilla like creatures and have them battle each other in arenas for prizes and glory. The science has become so trivial to do at this point that most of the contestants are school kids who create their monsters through Frankenstein like tactics. Of course it’s against the law to not have a kill switch of sorts installed on these monsters as well, you know just incase. The losing monster always has the kill switch activated, where as the winner moves onto the next round.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: The Hidden Wall

Friday! Which means it’s time for fake movies! This weeks title is from Pete, because Alex didn’t get a title at the show last week. I’ll be honest about three minutes into this I had no idea where to go, soooo ENJOY!

The Hidden Wall

We open on Jim and Kate, along with their children Katherine and JJ (Jim Jr) packing up their apartment in the city. The children are reluctant to leave, as all of their friends are nearby but their parents tell them they’ll still see them and they’ll still be going to the same schools, but they need to move out of the apartment and into a house that is big enough for the four of them.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Pockets

Got the suggestion from an audience member at the show last night, which also happened to be one of Pete’s characters in the show last night. This… does not have anything to do with that character


We open on a fresh crime scene, the crime scene photographers are there taking pictures of a mutilated body in the middle of a small apartment. Detective Biggs and Detective Palmer come onto the scene and scan the area, then both go over to the body.

“Same M.O. as the rest, Biggs?”

“The exact same. Nothing major missing from the home, the victims wallet and personal effects are all here. But every pocket in the place has been ripped off and taken.”

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Millstone

I deactivated my facebook last night so the readership of this website is going to drop GREATLY. Pig Pile was last night and I got this title from Ashley. It’s a period piece but I don’t feel like figuring out what period it belongs in.


The movie open on a black screen that displays the following, pausing before revealing the second definition.


/’mil, stōn/


1. each of two circular stones for grinding grain

2. a heavy and escapable responsibility

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