Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Candy Land

I’ve been remembering this for a couple weeks now but this is a Friday in which I am very glad I set a Google reminder for this. Tigs isn’t on Gchat. Went back in our convo and remembered last week’s suggestions were all board games. So here we go.

Candy Land

We open in a candy throne room. An adorable little king and subjects sing a cute song about candy and being happy. Darkness creeps in and an evil sorcerer named Count Cavity enters to screams. He takes the king hostage and says he is taking over. A young prince, Toff Butterworth, is whisked away quietly being told that he needs to find the hero of destiny, a young girl true of heart, who will save the land using candy powers. We jump cut to Jake, a Seth Rogen type, snoring in bed.

Jake is woken up by his niece, Ramona. We learn her mother is dead. Her father, Jake’s brother, is away for work a lot, thus Jake lives with them. Jake is a writer but doesn’t really work a lot. He helps her get ready and drives her to school. She reminds him about a very important recital of hers that he can’t miss. He says of course as we see he is really the only adult presence in her life.

He heads back home to start cleaning. He brings some laundry to her room to put clothes away. He picks up a board game of Candy Land but accidentally drops it. A beam of rainbow light flies out and sucks him in.

He is shocked when he wakes up in Candy Land. Small candy animals swarm around him. He’s afraid and scampers away until he runs into Toff. Toff thought he was meeting the hero and is of course disappointed to find Jake. The two argue until some henchmen of Count Cavity attack them. Jake is terrified as Toff fights off the attackers. Jake gets up to speed with the story and starts to realize that they wanted Ramona.

The two start to travel together to find answers. Jake wants to get back and Toff needs Ramona. There is some wonderful chemistry here as they argue through Candy Land. They are able to find the priest who helped get Toff out. He is in a toothpaste prison. He tells them that the portal wouldn’t choose a hero who wasn’t pure of heart and that must mean that Jake is truly good and caring. That’s when Jake realizes that he might miss the recital if he spends too long in Candy Land.

The two travel to Count Cavity’s fortress and attack. Things aren’t going to well until really thinking about how much he cares about Ramona, Jake realizes he has the candy powers that the hero should have. The two save the day and part as very good friends as Toff asks Jake if there is anything the kingdom could do for him.

We cut to the recital as Ramona kills it. Jake is picking meeting her after where all the parents have brought their children flowers or toys to say congrats. Ramona looks sad as it seems Jake is empty handed. He steps out of the way to reveal their car is absolutely filled with candy. Ramona is ecstatic and the two leave happy.

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