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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Another Destiny

I love this getting ahead with movies thing. May Vol 2 never end! Title from the great and powerful Tigs.

Another Destiny

We open in a meadow at dusk. A king and queen bring a baby up to a great willow tree where an old woman stands. In voiceover our main character Jodie, currently the newborn, talks about how everyone in their land has a destiny that they are assigned when they are born. They must follow it. Sadly hers was just to birth the next great generation of kings. We get the sense that something is a bit off during this ceremony though. I WONDER WHAT THE TWIST COULD BE BASED ON THE TITLE?!

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Inner Workings

So I thought I started this two weeks early but then I forgot to ask for a title at Pig Pile last night. Tigs sent me a lot of vague titles, which are the best to think over and put together.

Inner Workings

A young boy, Robbie, plays inside. His mother sternly asks him to go outside. He is being too loud and his father is trying to sleep. He heads out to play looking a bit sad. A truck approaches and two men unload a tall covered object and head towards his door. He runs behind them and his mother tells him to stay out of the way. He slowly moves around the corner trying to see what it is as he hears his mother talking to his dad telling her that the things from his father’s estate have arrived commenting it took them long enough since the funeral was last week. Robbie comes around the corner to find a huge, beautiful, and intricate grandfather clock.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Part-Time Criminal

Look out world! Peter is starting a movie on a Monday! Let’s see if I can keep this motivation going for more than 15 minutes. All glory and honor to the Hypno-Tigs.

Part-Time Criminal

We open in a bank on a hot summers day. The teller is fanning herself off as a man struts up with hat and sunglasses. He talks to her so sweetly that she doesn’t even register the fact that he’s placed a gun on the counter. The rest of his crew burst through the door. Everyone gets to the ground and they detain the guards. He still keeps locked in with the teller who seems attracted to him. He leans in and she leans in as well thinking of kissing him. He tells her to empty the drawers.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Home

The new season of Degrassi is out! Got this one done first.

The Home

Big Band music plays over black and white images depicting life in the 50s. There clips of teenagers dancing and having fun. There is a hard cut to a group of old people in staring at a TV set. No one is moving and it seems like a still picture except for the changing light from the TV. The shot changes to the TV and the show ’60 Minutes’ begins. An orderly walks over and shuts of the TV.

The old people are livid. A fit man in his 70s (Cyrus) stands up to put the TV back on but the orderly tells him to sit down and that there is a change of plans for tonight. An overweight man in his late 80s starts to mutter to himself “I can’t miss 60 Minutes… I can’t miss …”. A woman (Rose) puts her hand on the man’s shoulders and says “You know how much Fred needs his routine. He hasn’t missed an episode in years!” The orderly shrugs and puts a VHS copy of West Side Story into the VCR and says “We wanted to treat all of you with one of your favorite movies… and ice cream!” At that other workers bring in a cart of ice cream.
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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Judd, Judy, and Executioner

Totally forgot about the whole “maybe I’ll pre-write these” idea. So here I am on a train back to NYC on a Friday. Tigs is love. Tigs is life. This is a quick one.

Judd, Judy, and Executioner

Judd and Judy are in high school and were the best of friends. They grew up together and spend a lot of time hanging out, though platonically. We get the sense that Judy is into Judd but he’s a bit oblivious. Judd’s basement is full of computers parts and such and they are both nerdy. They are creating a video game together named Executioner. Judy announces suddenly that she has to go because she has a date with Travis, a cooler older kid.

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