Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Another Destiny

I love this getting ahead with movies thing. May Vol 2 never end! Title from the great and powerful Tigs.

Another Destiny

We open in a meadow at dusk. A king and queen bring a baby up to a great willow tree where an old woman stands. In voiceover our main character Jodie, currently the newborn, talks about how everyone in their land has a destiny that they are assigned when they are born. They must follow it. Sadly hers was just to birth the next great generation of kings. We get the sense that something is a bit off during this ceremony though. I WONDER WHAT THE TWIST COULD BE BASED ON THE TITLE?!

We see a montage of Jodie as a teen. Clearly she wants more from life than what her destiny has foretold. She rides, she hunts, high jumps from the walls into the lake. Her mother sits her down and tells her she needs to meet the neighboring kingdoms Prince. Jodie is of course uninterested. Her mother tells her she can not stray from her destiny. Jodie complains that her brothers have more exciting paths in life and destinies that speak of fantastic acts.

She is outside the castle and Curtis, an attractive looking prince, approaches. He tells her he was expecting to meet her earlier but no one could find her. They banter a bit and she brings up her dissatisfaction with destiny. Curtis tells her that he’s not thrilled about his. His is only that he will help the greatest queen of the age. She rolls her eyes at the implication about it being about her.

They realize they are close to the destiny tree and the Jodie approaches her angry. The old woman tells her that she got the destiny that would be easier for her. Jodie is confused and the old woman tells us the real story of her destiny. We see again her parents approaching the tree, but two destinies come out, one bathed in light the other in the shadows. Her father tells the old woman to get rid of the other destiny as he pulls the one bathed in light. The old woman tells her that the other destiny could still be hers she would only need to read it. It is a destiny of adventure and struggle. It is hers but does not have to be hers now.

At that moment a messenger arrives looking for the two. Their two kingdoms armies are riding out because some evil has attacked an ally. It is a dark and dangerous power and the two need to be protected. Both of them decide together to ride out and help. The messenger does some real great comedic work here. They ride off to cut them off on a road the whole army could not travel down.

They start to catch up but realize from their vantage point that the armies are going to be ambushed and most certainly destroyed. She thinks she has a way to stop the army and actually destroy them all at once by causing a avalanche along the ridge they are hiding under. The two try and find a way to do it. Jodie gets frustrated and reads her destiny. She looks up with tears in her eyes and a resolve. Curtis is confused as she jumps with their weird medieval/magic grenades. She plants them along the ridge as she swings from a rope but has no way of getting back up. She sacrifices herself as they explode burying the evil army below.

Her father and brothers dig through the rubble with Curtis. They find her body clutching her other destiny that only reads- She will carve her own path, live on her own terms.

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