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Seven Psychopaths

Sam Rockwell in a hat holding a Shih Tzu.

A confused ascot wearing Christopher Walken.

An angry looking Colin Farrell.

You should be sold on this movie already. But wait! There’s more!
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This trailer is balls. M is writing an obituary for Bond? Then we see her order his death? The tired plot device of losing agents real names from ‘Mission Impossible’ (1996) is used? Bond returns and is taunted by a somehow even more ridiculous looking Javier Bardem. We have the introduction of Q and a gun that only works for Bond! Remember when this idea was cool?

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Fast Six Has Started Production!

Yesterday, Fast Six began filming in London and that news really excites us dudes over at MMP.  However, this film which apparently wants everyone in the world to be in it just released another bit of casting news.  Joe Taslim, the lead actor of the future cult hit action film, The Raid: Redemption, has been cast as Jah who according to Variety is “a cold-blooded killer who uses martial arts and parkour to fight the films protags”

Ugh I can’t wait any longer!

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Taylor Kitsch & And A Change of Course

Taylor Kitsch is about to hang up his guns and muscles and try something different while he can.  He has just agreed to star along with Brendan Gleeson in the film The Grand Seduction, which is an American adaptation of a french film Le Grande Seduction.

The film centers on a small fishing village that is falling apart and needs the business of a large factory looking to move there in order to stay afloat.  However terms of the factory contract state that the small town must get a town doctor in order for the factory to move there.  Brendan Gleeson would play one of the central townsfolk and Kitsch would play the doctor that the entire town attempts to seduce to stay there.  The original is a comedy and this film will be written by Michael Dowse who wrote and directed the criminally underseen Seann William Scott film, Goon, so I imagine a lot of the original tone will remain in tact.

This is an interesting move for Taylor Kitsch.  It is the type of move that suggests someone got in his head and recommended he start saying no to by the numbers brainless action films and show some range before he loses any shot at the career, people really seem to want him to have.  As a fan of his from Friday Night Lights, I would not think of him for a small independent comedy about a small town, but stranger things have happened.  Needless to say I think this will help him in the eyes of casting agents get more roles other than a sullen action hero.

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When One Becomes Two Becomes Three

I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I really do. I saw Two Towers twice the day it came out because I was that obsessed and excited. I own all of the extended editions, regular editions, and the BluRay versions of the films. I love the book series and have multiple copies of each novel, and of course one big, bound All-In-One collection. The Hobbit is arguably my favorite book of the four, the one that really excited me for the world that was being built. I’m ecstatic with anticipation for the movie adaptation of The Hobbit to come out, eagerly pinned to my seat watching for more news to come out about it. Via Peter Jackson’s Facebook page: Continue reading

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Fake Movie Friday Submission: M.I.Tchel Cooley


My Fake Movie Friday is basically Revenge of the Nerds meets Billy
Madison because Hollywood loves when movies meet other movies. And yes I know what you all were thinking, I got the last name Cooley from James Cooley co-creator of the Cooley-Tukey Fast Fourier Transform algorithm and Manhattan College Alumni.

M.I.T.chell Cooley

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Fake Movie Friday: Children of Taft

Sorry I’m late today, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The long awaited follow up to the acclaimed film William Taft: Demon Slayer click the link to read part one if you missed it or want a refresher! Enjoy!

Children of Taft

We open exactly where William Taft Demon Slayer left off. It’s 1930, Former President Taft has just exploded unleashing a mass of demons and his three children Robert, Helen, and Charles prepare to fight them.
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Fake Movie Friday: Human Nature

Has anyone here ever seen the Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man”? No? Do you remember anything about The Fountain? No? Good, then this will all be new for you…

I submit for your approval, Human Nature

We open with a monologue from main character Michael, he sounds disgruntled and a little crazy. Something along the lines of, “I’ve been chasing him for years, decades, centuries. I’ve been chasing him as long as time itself has existed. Civilizations have grown and collapsed, and I’ve seen it all happen. Anyone I ever grew to care about has died, so I’ve learned to care about no person and only my mission. There is nothing more important to me than to rid this world of all of its impurities and capture the devil.”

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Fake Movie Friday – Polly and Max: Time’s Up

Today’s Fake Movie Friday comes along from the desire for hollywood to mine anything into profit no matter how ludicrous it sounds.  So why not take two moderately popular toy-lines from the early 90’s and spruce them up for a new generation of kids who knew jack shit about them, and make them so far from what they originally were that older people like me who remember it, think it’s an abortion.  READY. SET. GO!

Ok so Polly and Max stars AnnaSophia Robb as Polly Pocket and Alexander Ludwig as Mighty Max.  Since these toys never really crossed over, for film purposes Max and Polly are orphaned cousins who were taken in by their eccentric uncle Virgil played by Jim Broadbent.  It’s clear that he is some kind of scientist, but he’s wacky like Doc Brown.  Anyway as they both turn 18 on the same day, Virgil tells them that it’s time they knew the truth about their parents.  They come from a long line of Timekeepers.  Timekeepers are the balance of the world.  Anytime the catch wind that a bad guy is trying to go back in time or forward to change the course of history it was up to the Pocket family to stop them. Unfortunately 5 years ago (flashback sequence), an evil unlike anything they’ve ever seen named Erik Von SlechteMal, played by Jared Harris, defeated them.  He killed them by time jumping (which is ostensibly teleporting) them into a volcano.  Ever since then he’s been making slight changes to our timeline and gathering up an army to take over the world.  The feeling of deja vu you have is the slight changes he’s been making.  Now it is up to Polly and Max to learn how to be Timekeepers and put and end to SlechteMal before it’s too late.

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Cloud Atlas Trailer

A few years back I randomly bought a book entitled “Ghostwritten” by David Mitchell. A collection of loosely connected stories that I quite enjoyed. I returned to find more by Mitchell and was upon walking into the bookstore was attacked by a display of ‘Cloud Atlas’ books. Told in a similar style I’ve been wanting to read it but it’s popularity has kept it’s price high and I need that money to go see things like ‘Step-up Revolution.’
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