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Fake Movie Friday: Seeing Books

So I’ve been without Cable or the Internet for the past few days. I was going to write a movie about a world where we lose these things but realized it’s been done. It was called ‘The Postman’ and it was PERFECT. So here’s a film about a magic library instead.

Seeing Books

It’s raining and a kid sits out in front of his house. He calls his mom on her cell phone but it goes right to voicemail. He tries the door again but it’s locked. He notices some neighborhood toughs coming down the street and tries to hide but they see him. A standard kids-movie bullying scene follows. It’s not overly mean as much as awkward that the bully is putting in so much work.
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Red Dawn Remake Trailer Here!

This movie almost seems like it would be a Fake Movie Friday submission but it’s not.

Red Dawn has been remade.  The original films bad guys were evil soviets.  The remake was originally going to have the chinese as the villains, but then realized we don’t have beef with them, nor do we want it, so the asians eyes were digitally altered to be North Korean.  Is that racist? Sure, but who cares right?

Anyway this film was made two years ago but when MGM fell onto hard times, this got shelved.  This is probably a good thing because now Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are household names and stars of two of the highest grossing films of the year with huge fanbases.  I see this movie doing better than it should because of that.

Trailer courtesy of the JoBlo Network here:

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Fake Movie Friday: Children of Taft

Sorry I’m late today, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The long awaited follow up to the acclaimed film William Taft: Demon Slayer click the link to read part one if you missed it or want a refresher! Enjoy!

Children of Taft

We open exactly where William Taft Demon Slayer left off. It’s 1930, Former President Taft has just exploded unleashing a mass of demons and his three children Robert, Helen, and Charles prepare to fight them.
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Fake Movie Friday – Charlie Falls

Charlie Falls

Charlie Falls is loosely based on a non-existent author’s latter teenage years growing up in 1970’s Westchester, NY with his parents.  Josh Hutcherson plays Charlie.  His name is Charlie because it makes for a great title (Charlie Bartlett, Charlie Wilson’s War, Charlie St. Cloud). This is the type of movie that comes out in the early fall just as college students are going back to school.  The audience is clearly HS and college girls who think they are different and like dramas with cute boys.  It will have a very indie-fonted posted, and be reminiscent of something someone would make if they have only ever seen Wes Anderson films and nothing else.

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