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Fake Movie Friday: Seeing Books

So I’ve been without Cable or the Internet for the past few days. I was going to write a movie about a world where we lose these things but realized it’s been done. It was called ‘The Postman’ and it was PERFECT. So here’s a film about a magic library instead.

Seeing Books

It’s raining and a kid sits out in front of his house. He calls his mom on her cell phone but it goes right to voicemail. He tries the door again but it’s locked. He notices some neighborhood toughs coming down the street and tries to hide but they see him. A standard kids-movie bullying scene follows. It’s not overly mean as much as awkward that the bully is putting in so much work.
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Fake Movie Friday: A Thousand Monkeys

Here’ s another movie that sounds so dumb but so real at the same time. I actually think the basic premise is a bit genius, and I’m ashamed to admit that. It started first as just a basic Kevin James talking animal film but, in a lovely twist of events, became more about the infinite monkey theorem. Enjoy.

A Thousand Monkeys

The film opens with a montage of an older woman doing work one morning around the house. She is doing laundry, which clearly belongs to a male. She is picking up toys around the house. She is cooking a big breakfast where the food is shaped like a smiley face. We see pictures on the wall of a little kid chronicling his history with a silly kids newspaper. The mother calls up to her son, Frank, as the camera zooms up the stair and into a room filled with toys and newspaper stuff (I don’t know what this means, I added the newspaper stuff at the end when I couldn’t think of a wrap up). The camera turns towards the bed and we see Frank, played by Jonah Hill, in a bed way to small for him snoring.
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