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Fake Movie Friday: Poor Old Man

I completely forgot that today was Friday again. I’m watching the episode of The Simpsons where Burns loses all his money and starts recycling with Lisa. Burns said this at one point.

Poor Old Man

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Movie Movie Podcast #51: Top Ten of the Year

Priest and the Beekeeper

We’re back! And with an all new podcast! You won’t just be hearing from Pete and his FMF’s this month. Join Alex, Russ, Peter and myself as we discuss our top ten favorite movies of the year, and our pick for worst movie of the year as well!

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Fake Movie Friday: Dear Crossing

For the first time ever I present to you a movie written in a car! On the way to Evelyn’s for the weekend, Brian suggested this title and Ashley said it needed to be spelt with an A, and my response was “Way ahead of you.”

Dear Crossing

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Fake Movie Friday: Man Before Time

Last night was Pig Pile 50! What a glorious occasion. I believe the local papers said FUN NIGHT HAD BY ALL. Title comes from Adam and I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea. It’s week 90, Only 12 more until 2 years!

Man Before Time

A man is standing at an almost  full chalkboard. He gazes at it pondering the calculations with chalk all over his jacket. A woman enters. She apologizes for intruded and they talk a bit. He’s awkward and shy while she is more forward. Laura tells Samuel all about her writing/philosophy major and questions him about his theoretical physics work. He tells her about his theories on time travel. She laughs at first but sees the passion in his eyes. She warns him to be careful and not mess up history, about mistakenly eliminating species or even creating religions.

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Fake Movie Friday: Puppy Love

I feel like crap. I ate entirely too many empanadas last night. I would eat that many again in a heart beat, don’t get me wrong. But i’m still a damaged man because of it. Title from the sharp mind, yet equally empanada damaged bowels of Tigs. It’s an R rated romantic comedy with a magical dog.

Puppy Love

Dave sits on his stoop. A shirt floats down in front of him. It is followed by more clothes as the camera pans up to a window. A woman is screaming and tossing clothes out the window.

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Fake Movie Friday: The Pamplona Job

Happy New Year Friends. Since December is over and Oscar contention is over it is now January, which is a bit of a dump month. So I’m going to return to really stupid film ideas. LOL JK thats what this always is. This title came from, you guessed it, Tigs.

The Pamplona Job

A man turns he corner running, and the screen freezes. In voiceover “That’s me.” The scene continues as we see he is being chased by several bulls. Freeze VO: “My names Donald.”  The scene continues once more as a bull flips him up into the air. Freeze, VO: “and believe it or not, this is all part of the plan.”

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Fake Movie Friday: The Clockwork King

It’s a new year, 2013 (the year of the lull) is over and it’s time for 2014 (the year of…um… I’ll get back to you on that one). I haven’t written a FMF in almost a year, Pete has been holding down the fort for all of us, which is why I looked to him for the title of my first FMF back in action. I give you:

The Clockwork King

We open on an old toyshop. An elderly old man is working diligently to fix up an old animated king doll. The gears look like the inner workings of a Grandfather Clock. Finally the old man finishes, dusts off the king, puts him in a shelf, turns out the light and closes up shop for the evening. The king then opens his eyes, looks around the shop, tests out his limbs to make sure everything is working and then jumps off the shelf.

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