Fake Movie Friday: Dear Crossing

For the first time ever I present to you a movie written in a car! On the way to Evelyn’s for the weekend, Brian suggested this title and Ashley said it needed to be spelt with an A, and my response was “Way ahead of you.”

Dear Crossing

We open on a sweeping shot of a forest as a family of deer stand around nudging the youngest to learn to walk. The camera pans up to find a woman up in a tree stand observing them. A loud truck is heard in the distance and the deer run away.  The woman sighs audibly and packs her things up.

She heads off in search of the disturbance exiting the woods and cutting across a field to find men putting up a sign that reads future site of Branford Superstore. She gets angry with the men telling them of the deer crossing and how the area is all along their grazing routes (I don’t know how deer work). They tell her they’re just here to put up the sign.

She heads back towards town. She stops by a small run down house. She knocks and gives flowers to the woman who answers. She asks after her husband. He still hasn’t found work since he was hurt at the plant.

She enters the local tavern. She sits at the bar talking to the bartender who she knows about how this will effect the deer population. The bartender tells her that there’s nothing she, Ashley, can do about it. He doesn’t care since he’s getting more business with all the workers heading into town the work on the construction. She says, “Screw them.” A man turns next to her and makes a charming remark since he is there to work.

He offers to buy her a drink, introducing himself as Roger. He charms her a bit and she is clearly shaken by him and interested. She drinks a bit much and throws herself at him but he just politely gets her in a cab and sends her home.

Ashley wakes the next day and heads to city hall to see the mayor. The mayor’s secretary tells her that she can’t go in because Mr. Branford is already in there. Ashley barges in anyway to find Roger sitting talking with the mayor. She is stunned and silenced. The mayor introduces him and Roger says something else charming as hell.

She tries to plead her case a bit but the Mayor brushes her off clearly interested in the revenue. Roger tells the mayor that he doesn’t want to take up any more of his time and says he’ll head out to the site with Ashley to hear her grievances. In the car ride over she yells at him for not telling who he was. He tells her he doesn’t go around to bars introducing himself as Roger Bradford of Bradford Superstores to beautiful women. She responses that he just relies on his charm and handsome face then. He says thank you and she is now embarrassed.

They get out to the site and they walk across the field and she continues to try and argue with him. He’s polite and listens to it all. They reach the edge of the forest and in the distance there are some dear. She tells him that she has dedicated her life to protecting them and she won’t give up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to ruin that and wants to do well. She tells him she doesn’t know how the store could do that. He tells her to have dinner with him.

That night they eat and have a wonderful time. She loosens up a bit. The woman from before approaches them and Ashley thinks it for her, but instead she comes and hugs Roger, kissing his cheeks. Roger has given her husband a job during construction and when the store is finished. She learns that Roger has given many of the struggling townspeople work. Ashley is in awe of him and they almost kiss but she tells him she can’t. She doesn’t want to let herself give in and sacrifice the safety of the dear. She runs off to her car and hears home.

She arrives the next day at a big town meeting about the store where Roger is about to give a presentation about the store. He unveils the plans and she finds all of her problems have been addressed. The store will have little to no impact.

She tells him thank you that she is so happy he listened to her. He tells her that he’s been working on ways to not hurt the local population all along and there were only minor tweaks from when he talked to her last. She is stunned and upset he never stopped her from attacking him. He says he planned to talk to her but fell for her instantly. He wanted to win her over without explanation and help of what his money can do. They kiss.

The end.