Fake Movie Friday: Man Before Time

Last night was Pig Pile 50! What a glorious occasion. I believe the local papers said FUN NIGHT HAD BY ALL. Title comes from Adam and I’m having a hard time coming up with an idea. It’s week 90, Only 12 more until 2 years!

Man Before Time

A man is standing at an almost  full chalkboard. He gazes at it pondering the calculations with chalk all over his jacket. A woman enters. She apologizes for intruded and they talk a bit. He’s awkward and shy while she is more forward. Laura tells Samuel all about her writing/philosophy major and questions him about his theoretical physics work. He tells her about his theories on time travel. She laughs at first but sees the passion in his eyes. She warns him to be careful and not mess up history, about mistakenly eliminating species or even creating religions.

We jump forward and they are now living in NYC after grad school. He proposes to her in front of the Met. Cut further again and through a series of scenes we see he is now working at some applied science division somewhere while she writes and has even had some success. She collapses at a book signing and he finds that she is deathly ill. He is distraught and of course tries to do what he can.

She does her best to keep him happy and working and not worrying. Absolutely heart wrenching scene about how she wants him to continue his life and not be stuck without her. She loves the time they had together and doesn’t regret a minute of her life since they met. She dies and he plunges into sadness.

He returns to work ends up spending his nights there actually working on time travel, which he hasn’t done in years. He toils and toils away to try and find a way to go back and help her. Through some tests he feels he is closer. He comes to work one day and finds a small picture of his wife that he recognizes from home. He returns home and is elated thinking that the machine may work and brings it and is in fact successful in sending it back.

He now tries the machine on himself but something goes wrong and he is hurled back in time to the early days of man. He is now stuck there unable to get his machine to work. He lives with the people there aiding them a bit but not pushing too hard. He shows them a picture of Laura who they refer too as Lady of the Traveling Water, since the only reflections they have seen are in the stream. One of the men of the tribe shows Samuel a cave and paints pictures of Laura for him. In the cave Samuel spots some element that he realizes might help him fix the machine.

He is successful and thanks them all. He gets back into the machine and appears again in modern NYC. Things are only slightly off but he finds his home is occupied and no one has heard of him. He passes by the bookstore that Laura had her signing and finds none of her books. He has changed history so that she never existed. He walks off distraught and passes by the Met. He weeps missing her and is about to jump into traffic but sees a banner hanging. It advertises the new exhibit about the cave paintings of early man. He  recognizes the cave and a drawing and walks in.

He finds the exhibit and there is a gigantic banner of the first painting the man did of Laura advertising the Lady of the Traveling Water. Stepping inside he sees hundreds of depictions of her covering centuries. The plagues below each detailing how that different culture revered her and praised her. Her beauty was talked about throughout the know worlds for millennium. He watches as people come in and out of the Museum excited and in awe of Laura. He sits watching them, smiling.

The End.