Fake Movie Friday: Puppy Love

I feel like crap. I ate entirely too many empanadas last night. I would eat that many again in a heart beat, don’t get me wrong. But i’m still a damaged man because of it. Title from the sharp mind, yet equally empanada damaged bowels of Tigs. It’s an R rated romantic comedy with a magical dog.

Puppy Love

Dave sits on his stoop. A shirt floats down in front of him. It is followed by more clothes as the camera pans up to a window. A woman is screaming and tossing clothes out the window.

The doorbell rings and Larry, a older married friend of Dave lets him in. They talk about the relationship ending. Dave tells him he is done trying to find love. Larry makes a bunch of genius jokes that are sure to make the trailer.

After some time he finds his own place and tries to get back to meeting women. He doesn’t have a ton of luck out at bars and starts to worry he is a little too old for hooking up. There is one really pretty bartender that he tries to hit on named Claire, but she isn’t interested, though the two talk. He leaves alone and on his way home he finds a puppy shivering in an alley. He takes it home with him.

The next he goes out to buy supplies for it and walks it. Women around town start giving him a lot of attention. A hot looking jogger throws herself at him and they have sex. That night he is out with the dog and it happens again. SEXY montage of woman throwing themselves at him when the dog is around. Followed by his older married friend saying more older married things.

He runs into Claire  but she doesn’t seem to be impressed by the dog. He is confused and tries to woo her. It doesn’t work out and she is actually a bit put off by all the attention he is getting. Dave takes Larry about it and Larry doesn’t see the problem.

He tries again without the dog and finally gets Claire to go on a date with him. They have a great time and head back to his place. He opens the door and the dog runs out. A woman from across the hallway peaks her head out. Dave slept with her recently and she flirts with him. Claire gets upset and leaves.

Dave gets rid of the dog and giving it to a young nerd who was being bullied. Dave goes and finds Claire and apologizes. He tells her he got rid of the dog but this only confuses her. He tells he that he cares about her, yadda yadda yadda

The End