Fake Movie Friday: The Pamplona Job

Happy New Year Friends. Since December is over and Oscar contention is over it is now January, which is a bit of a dump month. So I’m going to return to really stupid film ideas. LOL JK thats what this always is. This title came from, you guessed it, Tigs.

The Pamplona Job

A man turns he corner running, and the screen freezes. In voiceover “That’s me.” The scene continues as we see he is being chased by several bulls. Freeze VO: “My names Donald.”  The scene continues once more as a bull flips him up into the air. Freeze, VO: “and believe it or not, this is all part of the plan.”

We jump back and see the man, Donald, stepping off a plane in Spain. He is going through customs and is taken into another room.  A policeman sits waiting for him and tells him that he knows who he is. Donald is a career criminal. He’s been busted once or twice for minor things but is rumored to have taken part in several large scale robberies.

Another officer enters to tell them that there is a representative from the US Embassy. She walks in and yells at the officer. She turns then to look at Donald and seems shocked. Turns out it’s his ex wife, Rachel. She is pissed at him since he clearly knew where she was. He follows her out and she tells him that she has no interest in seeing him again. That if he tries anything that she won’t help him out. He tells her he isn’t up to anything.

A car horn goes off and a younger man waves to Rachel. He’s rich looking and she goes to his car. Donald asks about him and she tells him to stay away. Donald swears he isn’t up to anything. Another car horn sounds and a man waves at Donald. Rachel sees him and gets even angrier.

Donald heads to the car and greets Roger. He is annoyed at Roger for his bad timing. Roger drives off laughing. They talk about their upcoming job. Roger takes him to his girlfriends place. There is a comical scene as his loud spanish girlfriend screams at him. She throws the two of them out of the house. On the way out they pass her little brother who is an EMT as his ambulance.

The two continue to plan out the heist though the policeman from the beginning is tracking them. He runs into Rachel several times and she begins to open up to him. She tells him she’ll be partaking in the running of the bulls. He tells her she’ll  see him there.

The day of the running him and Roger rob the bank they were after. As Roger is silently making his escape with the money. Donald changes into the white and red sash outfit for the running and heads straight out the bank. He turns a corner and joins with the running. He lifts Rachel out of the way of an oncoming bull and turns the corner. We see the beginning of the film again as he is launched up.  He wakes up on the ground with Rachel above him worried.

An ambulance comes and picks him up onto a stretcher and into the back. The door slams as he is driven away with Rachel by his side. She apologizes for doubting him and they kiss. The camera pans to the EMT’s in the front and we see it is Roger and his GF’s brother. The camera comes back as Donald and Rachel continue to kiss and we see the bag of money next to them.

The End.

2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: The Pamplona Job

  1. Johnny Tigs says:

    Another classic! Maybe I’m just thinking about Ocean’s 12 but I see Rachel as Catherine Zeta Jones (woah ooh ooh). And Donald is Ewan McGregor, for some reason the shot of him running from the bulls is etched in my mind as the opening of Trainspotting.

  2. adam says:

    I was thinking Trainspotting too! Or Jason Statham’s running intro in Lock Stock.

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