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Fake Movie Friday: Ringo Starr’s The Drummer

I’m so damn beat.  Only worked half a day and then took a 3 hour nap. I have zero ideas and no answer from Tigs to help me with a title. I am lost. Adam to the rescue, well not really. According to him this is produced by him like “Oprah’s The Butler.” What ever that means, here we go.

Ringo Starr’s The Drummer

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Fake Movie Friday: Reality Bites Back

Title this week comes from the one and only Declan Golden from Pig Pile last night. I spent some time thinking of ideas on the toilet just now and I’ve decided on this one. Instead of just a sequel to Reality Bites. Here we go!

Reality Bites Back

The camera sweep over a futuristic looking city. Flying cars, massive buildings, elevated rail systems are everywhere. Text comes on the screen saying “New York City 2013”

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Movie Movie Podcast #50: Ender’s Dark Years

Happy 50 everyone! Still going strong! Sort of. We just take a lot of breaks. Join Alex, Peter, Russ and myself as we discuss 12 Years a Slave, Ender’s Game, Thor: The Dark World and Bad Grandpa. Recorded on November 13th 2013.

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Fake Movie Friday: Late Again

So Playstation 4 came out yesterday. I talked to Tigs all day and was freaking out waiting for it to get delivered to my office. When it finally did I could not concentrate on ANYTHING. So clearly I forgot about writing a movie. So for the 3rd time in 81 weeks, here is a movie on Saturday

Late Again

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Fake Movie Friday: Marketeers

Originally Tigs gave me some titles that didn’t quite hit me, not for lack of effort on his part. Then he gave me “Black Hole Fun.” I wanted to write it really bad but coudln’t concentrate and just kept singing it STP style. So I went back to the bottomelss well of creativity that is Tigs and came back with this. NO PART OF THIS FILM IS BASED ON FACT, I mean there are dates, but I made up the rest.


Movie opens with Mickey, a WWI vet looking for work in the mid 1920s, California. He has a wife and a new born son at home but is struggling to find much except work as a bouncer. He meets a struggling animator one day who we find is Walt Disney.

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Fake Movie Friday: Mark Your Calendars

Happy November everyone. Today marks the countdown to when it is officially annoying to see pictures posted of people in Halloween costumes. The title this week comes from Tigs: The Great and Powerful. I took this one since I thought ‘What Ever Happened to Dexies Midnight Runners’ was too difficult. This title doesn’t scream a genre but in the spirit of the season lets make it a bit murderous black comedy.

Mark Your Calendars 

Movie opens with a helicopter shot going through a small industrial town. We scan through the modest neighborhoods and main street  until arriving at a huge mansion on a hill. A single scream is hurt. Close up of phone, close up of ambulance lights, close up of old man on stretcher, close up on hospital chart, close up on will, close up on old man signing it. We then see a reported run from the hospital and cut to the headline on next days paper.


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