Fake Movie Friday: Reality Bites Back

Title this week comes from the one and only Declan Golden from Pig Pile last night. I spent some time thinking of ideas on the toilet just now and I’ve decided on this one. Instead of just a sequel to Reality Bites. Here we go!

Reality Bites Back

The camera sweep over a futuristic looking city. Flying cars, massive buildings, elevated rail systems are everywhere. Text comes on the screen saying “New York City 2013”

Kim is leaving work and gets a hologram message from he boyfriend Tim, a plain looking gentleman. She pumps into a handsomer looking gentleman and they both pause. The silence is broken by a crazy looking man running around the plaza. He’s screaming that this shouldn’t be, this isn’t the real world.

Kim turns but the handsome man is gone. She makes it home and eats with Tim. She doesn’t seem super happy. They head out for a walk and things start to go haywire. A flying car drops from the sky. When it lands it looks just like a regular car. Other things start happening around the city.

Kim is separated from Tim. The handsome man from earlier saves her from the changing world. His name is Jared and the two of them track down the crazy man from earlier that they saw. The man lives underground with a number of things that they are unfamiliar with.  He says that they are from the real world, the one that was replaced. They agree to help him stop the crumbling reality.

They head through the decaying city and get to a large corporate area. Kim realizes that this is where Tim works and is nervous for his safety.  The three make their way in but the building turns out to be relatively empty. Arriving on the top floor they are stopped by Tim. He yells at Kim to stop and pulls a gun on Jared. “It’s always him. You somehow always find each other. No matter how many times I’ve changed the world, the to of you ruin it” Tim has been using a machine to shape reality and make it so Kim would be with him. Each time  Kim and Jared keep finding each other and reality starts to unfold. The old man disarms Tim.

Kim flips out about being controlled and takes the gun. Tim says the only way to stop it and go back to their real original world is to shoot him. She does.

We are all of a sudden at a graveyard. It’s Tim’s funeral. The picture by his casket is slightly different from the Tim we are used to. He’s nerdy and less attractive. A woman comes up to Kim and slaps her, saying how dare she show up to her son’s funeral. Tim had killed himself because Kim never paid attention to him. She decides not to tell anyone and leaves, bumping into Jared. She has an excited look on her face as he passes by her and hugs the woman saying sorry mom.


The End