Fake Movie Friday: Ringo Starr’s The Drummer

I’m so damn beat.  Only worked half a day and then took a 3 hour nap. I have zero ideas and no answer from Tigs to help me with a title. I am lost. Adam to the rescue, well not really. According to him this is produced by him like “Oprah’s The Butler.” What ever that means, here we go.

Ringo Starr’s The Drummer

We open on an old man sitting on a bench. People are walking through the park around him ignoring him. A group of kids laugh at him but he doesn’t seem to care.  One kid stops and looks closer at him. We see his hands gentle tapping his thighs in a quick rhythm as his feet tap the ground. The group call after the boy “Come on Chris” and this fades out into a small farm in as a woman stands on the porch yelling “Come along Chris”

The camera pans off into the barn as a young boy sits on a hay bale with all sorts of pots around him. We can only hear a strange banging by we zoom in around his head and we suddenly hear what he does. The pots become a whole drum set as he plays a sweet solo. The barn door suddenly opens and his father comes in angry.


-He leaves home and heads to college where he marches in the band.  Meets a girl. Fails out because he only cares about the music.

-Joins a local band that starts to get notoriety. He isn’t interested much in the fame part and walks away from the band before they hit big.

-Ends up in USO bands to play in Vietnam. Somehow saves lives.

– Plays presidential inaugurations and for MLK JR. Whole lot of dumb Forest gump type shit.

-Enters another band  that once again gets notoriety. He wants to back away but the stories of his history. He personally starts getting famous. He starts playing shows. People from his past start showing up looking for money. His college girlfriend comes claiming that her son is his. He backs away from it all once again and begins teaching music.

-We cut back to the park as he still sits drumming with his hands as the boy from the beginning heads off home. He heads to his room and starts drumming on things around him.

The End