Fake Movie Friday: Two Dogs

So I had panicked last week as the always dependable Tigs was not getting back to me on Gchat. In my desperation I turned to Adam. Little did i know, while I was writing last weeks Tigs had sent me a huge list of titles. He is a god amoungst men. I’ve decided to take one of the simpler titles since I haven’t written a kids film in quite some time.

Two Dogs

We open on Sam, a small boy sitting in a tiny black suit in the middle of a room of people in suits. We over hear them talking about his parents recently died in a car accident and how it is such a tragedy. We hear that it will be Sam’s uncle Jack who will be taking him in. Sam just sits there without expression. (KIDS FILM!)

We cut to school. He had to move school and so far things aren’t going well. People are either mean to him or avoid him since they’ve all heard about the kid that lost his parents. He moves through the day without great incident though hardly talking to anyone outside of a guidance counselor. He arrives at his new home to find his uncle on the couch. He’s not a drunk exactly, but he clearly doesn’t do much or care for Sam a great deal. Sam head up stairs. His room is plain and bare but he sits looking at old photos. Night comes and he lays down to sleep and we hear the jingle of a dog barking collar and faint barking outside.

On the way to school the next morning he is stopped by a group of slightly older students. They push him down and make fun of his uncle. A dog bark is heard and the group turns to see two dogs staring them down. They both have collars with name tags on them and slowly advance towards the group. The kids run away. Sam looks inquisitively at the dogs and tries to approach but they run away.

That day at school he meets a girl, Violet. He seems to like her but is of course shy. They talk for a bit. On his way home he hears the dogs following him, but when he turns they run and hide. He heads to the woods behind his house and down to the frozen river. He walks on the ice a bit before it cracks beneath him and he falls in. He thrashes about until he hears the barking and calms. The two dogs work to pull him from the ice. He looks up and sees their tags have the names Chris and Diana, his parent’s names, before passing out. He is found by his uncle who is mad at him and taken back inside. Sam doesn’t try to explain what happened. That night he sees the two dogs from his window and whispers thank you to them.

The next day he finds Violet looking around the school yard for something. She says she can’t find her backpack. Chris turns to see on of the dogs beckoning him to follow. He tells Violet he’ll be right back and will look around more. He follows the one dog until he sees the other with the backpack in its mouth. He takes it from them confused, and asks who they are. They back and run off as he turns to see Violet. She thanks him with a kiss for finding her bag.

After school he finds them at the edge of the woods and runs after them. They do not run from him this time and he spends the evening running and playing with them. He of course tries to talk to them and is trying to figure out if these could actually be his parents. He gives up and doesn’t seem to care and enjoys his time with them. He heads home, patting them on the head and saying goodnight.

He wakes up to the sound of barking. He sees the two dogs outside making a ruckus and then sees the smoke coming from downstairs. He finds his uncle asleep on the couch with the stove on and a small fire started in the kitchen. With the dogs help he pulls his uncle out and heads in to extinguish the fire with an extinguisher that one of the dogs helped him find. His uncle breaks down and apologizes to him, that he hasn’t been the best or helpful in this time. He’s been sad about losing his brother and having this responsibility thrust on him and promises to be better.

The next day school is much better. He talks with Violet and starts making new friends. He gets home that day and finds his uncle not there and is confused until he hears his truck pull in. His uncle is holding groceries and wearing a tie. He says he went out today and had an interview that went well and he thinks he got it. He tells Sam that things will really start to get better.

That night Sam wakes up in his room and finds the two dogs there. They whimper a bit and he is confused. He figures out that they need to go. He tells them that he doesn’t want to lose them again. They come over and lick his face and put their heads on his lap. He hugs them and gets back in bed. His mother dog pulls the blanket over him with here teeth as the dad waits by the door. They both leave. Outside the window we see them run off back into the woods together.


The End