Fake Movie Friday: Scratching Hogs

So my company had our 3rd quarter regional meeting/holiday party today. I wrote this during the meeting and am now pretty drunk to type it out. This title comes from a very strange story that was a part of the meeting today.

Scratching Hogs

Movie opens on Davie, a young boy sitting on the fence of a hog pen. He is scratching the back of a large hog.The camera pans behind him and we see  the farm he lives on. In the driveway is a beat up old truck but then a much fancier car. We hear arguing from the house.

A man exits the house upset. He turns to Davie saying, “Sorry, I tried.” Another voice yells for Davie to come in. In the house we find his father upset with him. Davie was tested at school and is apparently gifted. The teacher, Mr. Hodge, wants Davie to move to another more prestigious school a few towns over. Davie pays little attention to Mr. Hodge as he leaves and heads back into to the house. Davie’s dad tells him about how he doesn’t need any fancy schooling and such.

Next day at school Davie is teased by other students who have found out about how well he scored. Mr. Hodge calls him in and tells him about how much he wants him to succeed. Bu also how he doesn’t feel he is making a difference, that if Davie did something with his life he would feel better. Once again Davie says little and heads out.


-Davie heads home and we find out his father’s motivation. He doesn’t want Davie to go away because he already lost his wife and he would be all alone.

-Davie meets with some of the people in charge of the special school and they like him a lot as Mr. Hodge coaches him.

-Back at home his dad finds out and gets really mad, keeping him from school.

-Mr. Hodge shows up and argues once again with Davie’s father. The two begin to physically fight as Davie Screams. They turn and see Davie holding a gun.

-A shot is heard and we see Davie walking outside to the hog pen. He leans over and scratches one as we see  the cops arrive in the distance.


The End.


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  1. adummmmmm says:

    best fake movie friday in years.

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