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X-Men: Days of Future Past UPDATE

So there seems to a be a ton of news flying out of the X camp almost daily, which excites me to some degree.  So it looks like damn near everyone who lived thru Brett Ratners abomination X-Men 3 is pretty much on board for this bridging of the franchises (Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin etc).  I was curious as to whether they would alter the Days storyline as it heavily features Kitty Pryde (Page), but I guess up to this point they are sticking to it.

Bryan Singer has even gone so far as to contact Jim Cameron (we’re close actually) to help him flesh out the rules of time-travel, and while Jim is no pro, it’s nice to see it’s being taken quite seriously.

Lastly, and what I think we’ll be an awesome touch, the film looks like it’s going to be set in 1973.  The First Class mutants will travel to the future to see that it’s shitty and stuff.  I like that it’s going be set in the 70’s cause after seeing one period comic film, I want to see more.  Also this gives Bryan Singer some time to sort of clean up continuity.  And it also could be a fun dig at Ratners Xmen film in the sense that that world got turned to Sentinel shit and now it’s up to this current First Class generation to fix  it.  Maybe this also can correct the all the lapses this world has.

My only issue at this point is that this movie sounds incredibly big and ambitious, and might be best served in two parts.  Yes I am aware the original story was only 2 issues, but this seems really big for X standards, and we know these films have issues balancing their characters as it is.

We’ll see.

Fake Movie Friday- The Treatment

Oh fuck. I got home at 9. Have to work tomorrow until I remembered it was Friday. So lets shit this out so I can go to sleep.

The Treatment

We open on a teen standing on a rooftop in a city. Behind him we see a woman. She is crying and yelling at him- “This won’t solve it! This won’t save me!” He turns and smiles- “It’s the best plan I got, and if it does work, it will be worth it.” He jumps off the building and the camera follows him down, smiling the whole time.
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Fake Movie Friday: Bloodied Promises

I had to take a sick day today. I was finally able to stand up without throwing up at around 3 pm, which is also when I finally removed myself from my bed for the time being. I’m gonna try and write this one quick so I can go lay down again. As per usual Colm has bestowed upon me a great title:

Bloodied Promises

Brothers Mike and Jack have always been getting in trouble together. As kids they would play pranks on their fellow students and teachers, family members and friends. It was always the two of them vs the world. There is some scene of them as kids promising to always stick together. Continue reading

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J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII!

I am very conflicted about this news. Here are some of my thoughts:

The Good

Episode VII will be good. No seriously, it will be. J.J. has a proven track record of making good movies, and he is capable of making a good Star Wars movie.

Episode VII will be fun. His Star Trek movie especially shows that J.J. knows how to keep a fun tone which the Star Wars franchise is in desperate need of.

Episode VII will probably have good characters, but it will certainly be well cast. J.J. was able to recast the iconic original Star Trek cast, and did some great casting (especially the child actors) in Super 8. This may be the key to the films success-Probably the biggest thing wrong with the prequels (of which there are many…) is the lack of compelling characters (hell forget characters, most of the cast didn’t even feel like human beings *cough* Hayden Christensen *cough*).

The Bad

It feels very strange that one dude will have effectively rebooted the two biggest science fiction franchises. I really hope that J.J. will be able to keep both franchises feeling separate.

Episode VII will probably not be incredible. Look at this point the Star Wars franchise, and Disney especially, needs Episode VII to be a solid movie. It makes total sense to tap J.J. for that purpose-it’s a safe choice. All of J.J.’s movies to this point have been good to very good, but none of them have incredible. A riskier director could have had the potential to make Episode VII transcendent.

The Ugly

The Bad Robot of it all. I’m not looking forward to years of damn mystery boxes and viral marketing.

Most scary of all though: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and *shudder* Damon Lindelof. Let’s keep them as far away from Star Wars as we can

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The Justice League Roster is Set.



Green Lantern.


Wonder Woman.

In 2015 when we get the Justice League movie DC and Warner Bros are desperate to get off the ground, we’ll be getting it without Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Hawkman.  Why? Because Warners doesn’t have enough time to shoehorn them into something.  I’m thinking a lot of their plans backfired when Green Lantern was a piece of a shit, so now they are too afraid to get these time-tested characters on screen first (a la Marvel with the Avengers).  Now they’ve pinned all of their hopes on Man of Steel being well-received so that can be the launch pad.  My advice to them: Don’t fuck this up. By the time we got Avengers we got a pretty stacked roster that is only going to expand with each subsequent film.  Why? Because Marvel did it right.  There is no shame in copying their template when BILLIONS of dollars are at stake.   Get more heroes on that team so it can really evoke that Gods of Olympus mentality the Justice League has long held.

At least get Martian Manhunter in there…

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Fake Movie Friday: Pill Poppin’ Walkers

I feel like this is a bit too much Resident Evil influenced, but I did get the title from Colm so it makes sense. This weeks tale of deadly pharmaceuticals and the effect they have on children is titled:

Pill Poppin’ Walkers

Mundymeo Corp is a world-wide, multi patent holding, pharmaceutical company who have been designing a new pill for ADD. The results have been spectacular in lab animal tests but they haven’t been able to do human testing… until now. They pay off some school and start to administer evaluations to students, which will always end with them diagnosing the students with a mild to severe form of ADD and telling them about an experimental new drug treatment they could opt into.  Continue reading

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Fake Movie Friday: One Step From Oblivion

I have the day off today. The internet and cable are not working. This is awful. So here is a sci-fi film, title courtesy of Brian Fitzpatrick. He also suggested “Dick Jones is Jonesing for a Dickings” but I decided this would be better.

One Step From Oblivion
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Movie Movie Podcast #30: Our Top Ten Movies of 2012

Wow, thirty episodes and we’ve hit the new year. It’s time to wave goodbye to 2012 with one last demonstration of our love and devotion, our individual top ten lists for the year. Join Alex, Russ, Peter and myself as we talk about our favorite, and least favorite, movies of 2012. Recorded on January 9th 2013. Just for academic purposes, here’s a list of everything we saw this year:

Cabin in the Woods
Hunger Games
Think Like a Man
The Avengers
5 Year Engagement
The Raven
Dark Shadows
Men in Black 3
Snow White & The Huntsman
Moonrise Kingdom
Chernobyl Diaries
Piranha 3DD
Rock of Ages
That’s My Boy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Magic Mike
Amazing Spider-Man
Dark Knight Rises
Step Up: Revolution
The Watch
Total Recall
Bourne Legacy
Expendables 2
Premium Rush
Resident Evil Retribution
End of Watch
Pitch Perfect
Taken 2
7 psychopaths
Alex Cross
Cloud Atlas
Silent Hill 2
The Man With The Iron Fists
Wreck-It Ralph
Life of Pi
Red Dawn
Rise of the Guardians
Killing Them Softly
The Hobbit
Jack Reacher
This is 40
Zero Dark Thirty
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
The Grey
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
21 Jump Street
John Carter of Mars
Hyde Park on Hudson
The Impossible
The Sessions
Indie Game: The Movie
Safety Not Guaranteed

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Spring Breakers Trailer looks insane

I’m a huge Harmony Korine fan, so I would see this movie regardless. But after this trailer, I am insanely excited for it. Maybe awkwardly so…

Via Ain’t It Cool

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Zack Snyder is developing a Star Wars Movie? Updated, maybe not

So it isn’t official yet, but the rumor is that Zach Snyder is going to be directing a movie in the Star Wars universe. Apparently it would be inspired by the Seven Samurai. Zach Snyder isn’t the most solid director ever, but It would be nice to see a visually compelling Star Wars movie for a change. Does this officially one of my predictions for 2013 correct? Damn I’m good. Thoughts?


Zack Snyder’s people has denied this is true saying to the Hollywood Reporter:

“While he is super flattered because he is a huge fan, Zack is not involved in any way with the new Star Wars. He is currently in post on his two films, Man of Steel and 300: Battle of Artemisia.”

Half Credit?

Via Ain’t It Cool

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