Fake Movie Friday- The Treatment

Oh fuck. I got home at 9. Have to work tomorrow until I remembered it was Friday. So lets shit this out so I can go to sleep.

The Treatment

We open on a teen standing on a rooftop in a city. Behind him we see a woman. She is crying and yelling at him- “This won’t solve it! This won’t save me!” He turns and smiles- “It’s the best plan I got, and if it does work, it will be worth it.” He jumps off the building and the camera follows him down, smiling the whole time.

The same kid, named Tyler, wakes up in bed with a start. His alarm is going off. He gets dressed and heads out the door to school. He is a loner and we see him move through is day with little interaction with others. We cut to him in his guidance counselor’s office. The counselor is telling him that is grades are middling. All the teachers say he is capable of much more but he just doesn’t seem to care.

He leaves the office and passes by the girl from the beginning. We learn her name is Beth and she is kind of popular. She smiles and waves at him. The people she is with make fun of her. Tyler leaves and heads home. On the way there he spots a flyer reading “Ever Want to Change Things?” and he takes a copy. That night his father comes home drunk and angry, yelling about how Tyler’s mom is dead.

The next day Tyler heads out to an unmarked building. He is holding the flyer in his hand as he walks in. The receptionist has him fill out some paperwork and e is brought into an examination room. A group of doctors come in and start examining him. They all go silent when an older man in a suit enters. He explains to Tyler that this is all very dangerous and that Tyler needs to be careful, that they will need to keep an eye on him after the procedure. They don’t really say what it will do to him. Just that it will make him better. They hook him up to some machines, and he falls asleep as he sees the old man in the suit plug in a vial of blood to his IV.

He wakes up as he is hit in the head with a paper airplane. The window is open and he looks at it confused. He opens it up and it reads


He hears hushed voices in the other room saying that it all went wrong and that they need to do something about the kid. Someone tipped off the cops and they are in trouble for their illegal experiments. Tyler runs out. The older man in the suit orders some goons after him. Tyler runs and gets to an intersection. He scans the area looking for a way to go and sees a bike. On the bike is a sign that says.

Tyler! Mom’s birthday!

He approaches and finds a coded lock that opens with the birthday. He rides off. He is escaping and runs into Beth. She asks him what is wrong and he tries to explain. She laughs and offers him a ride. They talk and it seems like she likes him. She jokes that he looks awful and he pulls down the visor. A note falls into his lap and it says


Beth is confused and doesn’t know who put it there. Tyler says that there was a lake house that he and his family would go to before his mom died. They pull around the corner but there are a bunch of black vans and strange men around his house. He ducks down and Beth casual drives by. They go to the lake house.

Tyler says he hasn’t been in years but when they get there everything is ready for them. They talk all night and kiss by the fire. Something starts beeping. They hunt the sounds down and it is a timer attached to another note.


They head to the car and as they pull away they see lights coming down the road behind them. CAR CHASE and Tyler totally kicks ass. They get to the city and try to figure out what to do next. There is another car following them and they ditch their car to lose them in the crowds. They run into the old man in the suit. He says, “We won’t stop following you. You are a mistake! If you don’t give in, she dies.”

Tyler grabs Beth and runs away. He sees another note on a building that reads


They run up and we see it is the roof from the beginning. They find nothing there except some strange markings and Beth seems scared. He holds on to her and notices from this perspective that the seemingly random lines on the roof spell out another note which reads


They go through the same scene as the beginning and he falls. This time the camera follows her and she screams. She stands there for a moment. The door behind her opens and she turns to find Tyler. He runs to her and they kiss.

We rewind back to Tyler falling and this time it buts to him waking up with a start like the beginning but he is not at home, but on the rooftop. He looks confused and goes down to the street. He sees a paper and it is the same day this all started and runs off. We see a montage of him leaving all the notes, the bike, the timer, tipping off the authorities, and finally throwing the paper airplane to wake himself up. He heads to the city. We see the old man being arrested. He runs up the stairs of the building, opens the door, and kisses Beth.

The End


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