X-Men: Days of Future Past UPDATE

So there seems to a be a ton of news flying out of the X camp almost daily, which excites me to some degree.  So it looks like damn near everyone who lived thru Brett Ratners abomination X-Men 3 is pretty much on board for this bridging of the franchises (Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin etc).  I was curious as to whether they would alter the Days storyline as it heavily features Kitty Pryde (Page), but I guess up to this point they are sticking to it.

Bryan Singer has even gone so far as to contact Jim Cameron (we’re close actually) to help him flesh out the rules of time-travel, and while Jim is no pro, it’s nice to see it’s being taken quite seriously.

Lastly, and what I think we’ll be an awesome touch, the film looks like it’s going to be set in 1973.  The First Class mutants will travel to the future to see that it’s shitty and stuff.  I like that it’s going be set in the 70’s cause after seeing one period comic film, I want to see more.  Also this gives Bryan Singer some time to sort of clean up continuity.  And it also could be a fun dig at Ratners Xmen film in the sense that that world got turned to Sentinel shit and now it’s up to this current First Class generation to fix  it.  Maybe this also can correct the all the lapses this world has.

My only issue at this point is that this movie sounds incredibly big and ambitious, and might be best served in two parts.  Yes I am aware the original story was only 2 issues, but this seems really big for X standards, and we know these films have issues balancing their characters as it is.

We’ll see.