Fake Movie Friday – Night of the Gargoyles

Colm comes up with another classic title. I’m not sure what he wanted here, but we’re gonna continue the story, something that we’ve all been waiting for. How weird can I make this?

Night of the Gargoyles

Present day New York City, cold, blistering winds, we’re in the year 2013 but it could be 2012 for all we know. After the events or 1996, when the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles were both outed to the human world and accepted, people have forgotten about them. The world turned on them after the events of September 11th 2001, the Gargoyles were unable to stop the terrorist attack, as it happened during the day time and they were already turned to stone at that point. There are lots of newspaper articles that flash on the screen that show people no longer trust the Gargoyles. So they went into hiding in plain sight and the people of the city, and of the world, forgot about them. Even the other clans around the world went into hiding after what happened. Ex-cop Elisa Maza has been disgraced, shunned and let go from the force with no pension all because of her hopes and beliefs in the creatures, and she believes that we need them now more than ever. Too bad she is homeless and just shouting on the sidewalks, so no one believes her. 

Demonia has been trying to bring Thailog back from the dead. His eternal slumber must be broken in order for them to once again challenge the human race as the sole rulers of the world. Demonia has been creating an army of clones, again, but she is unable to control them and needs Thailog for that.

Goliath, Broadway, Brooklyn, Bronx and Hudson are the only gargoyles who stayed in the city as everyone else ran away. They stay perched on top of the Bedford hotel never venturing far into the world and watching over the city. They keep a strict eye on Elisa just incase something happens to her. And have, infect, intervened many times when Elisa got herself into much trouble, when she falls asleep they will leave her food, but she never sees them do this but she always believes it to be them.

Demonia has tried the last thing she can think of to bring Thailog back, but no matter what she does he returns to change from stone. So she gets a new idea. She destroys the statue that he was turned into and is able to resurrect him into a new robot body, like how Coldstone was a resurrected member of the Wyvern clan in a cyborg body. With Thailog back he is able to control the clones and him and Demonia start their evil plans. Which is to take over the world, reclaim it from the humans who they believe are beneath them.

With the world no longer believing in them, Demonia is able to terrify different countries into bowing to her every whim as they are monsters to many unknowing humans. Thailog is the military general and strategist, overlooking everything. But when they take over a land, they are able to issue immediate technological black out, there are no pictures, news stories, reports, nothing. All that the rest of the world sees is darkness coming from these places.

Back in NY Elisa is on the street corner preaching about what is going on in the other countries and speculating as to what it could be, and obviously she says it’s the evil gargoyles. People do not believe her but Goliath hear’s this and starts to think about the possibilities. Demonia, if you never watched the show, is able to exist in daylight without changing into stone and decides tos troll around NYC. She watches Elisa as people do not believe her and Demonia is excited that her plan seems to be going off without a hitch. There is a big night battle where the 5 remaining Manhattan Clan are pushed out of Manhattan and take up hiding in Staten Island and Queens, where Deomnia believes it to be too toxic to live, so she doesn’t bother heading out there. That night while perched on top of some garbage pile in Staten Island Goliath starts putting together the pieces in his head and has some weird flash back that actually sets up Demonia as a co-perpetrator in the 9/11 attack on NYC.

Brooklyn heads off, sticking to the shadows so that he can travel early the morning and evening without turning to stone or being seen. Eventually he is able to find Coldstone, Nashville and Lexington, who all have ties to some other gargoyles.

Anyway there is a battle for NY, the gargoyles win, but Demonia and Thailog still control the rest of the world. Elisa is given her old job back after 3 or 4 psych evaluations and is heading up a new special forces unit, all gargoyles. They prepare for the coming battles ahead, for the sake of humanity and the world.


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