Fake Movie Friday: Bloodied Promises

I had to take a sick day today. I was finally able to stand up without throwing up at around 3 pm, which is also when I finally removed myself from my bed for the time being. I’m gonna try and write this one quick so I can go lay down again. As per usual Colm has bestowed upon me a great title:

Bloodied Promises

Brothers Mike and Jack have always been getting in trouble together. As kids they would play pranks on their fellow students and teachers, family members and friends. It was always the two of them vs the world. There is some scene of them as kids promising to always stick together.

Eventually the two of them start to commit crimes. They knock over some smaller shops and eventually start to knock over banks across the country. When they finally are caught neither one of them rats on the other and they both end up going to jail, but are split up.

Jack gets out first and moves on with his life, moving to another state and starting up his own business there. When Mike eventually gets out he starts committing crimes again, not getting caught and starting up his own lucrative crime syndicate.

When their mother dies both brothers show up at the funeral and start to talk, Mike tells Jack that he could really use him but Jack tells Mike he’s trying to move on with his life. Mike says he understands and they part ways.

They start to live their own lives again until Jack is pestered by local goons. Eventually it escalates enough that they destroy Jack’s shop. Jack calls up Mike and asks him if he wants to expand his crime empire. Mike and some thugs head over to where Jack is and they start a turf war with the local gangs with crazy weapons. Rocket launchers, mini guns, etc etc. Most of the neighborhood gets destroyed and leveled, leaving the two brothers as the only ones alive standing in the middle of a desolated area. They hear the sounds and see the lights of helicopters in the distance, a voice on a megaphone tells them the army are coming for them. The two pick up some weapons and start to walk towards the lights.


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