J.J. Abrams is directing Star Wars Episode VII!

I am very conflicted about this news. Here are some of my thoughts:

The Good

Episode VII will be good. No seriously, it will be. J.J. has a proven track record of making good movies, and he is capable of making a good Star Wars movie.

Episode VII will be fun. His Star Trek movie especially shows that J.J. knows how to keep a fun tone which the Star Wars franchise is in desperate need of.

Episode VII will probably have good characters, but it will certainly be well cast. J.J. was able to recast the iconic original Star Trek cast, and did some great casting (especially the child actors) in Super 8. This may be the key to the films success-Probably the biggest thing wrong with the prequels (of which there are many…) is the lack of compelling characters (hell forget characters, most of the cast didn’t even feel like human beings *cough* Hayden Christensen *cough*).

The Bad

It feels very strange that one dude will have effectively rebooted the two biggest science fiction franchises. I really hope that J.J. will be able to keep both franchises feeling separate.

Episode VII will probably not be incredible. Look at this point the Star Wars franchise, and Disney especially, needs Episode VII to be a solid movie. It makes total sense to tap J.J. for that purpose-it’s a safe choice. All of J.J.’s movies to this point have been good to very good, but none of them have incredible. A riskier director could have had the potential to make Episode VII transcendent.

The Ugly

The Bad Robot of it all. I’m not looking forward to years of damn mystery boxes and viral marketing.

Most scary of all though: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and *shudder* Damon Lindelof. Let’s keep them as far away from Star Wars as we can

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