The Justice League Roster is Set.



Green Lantern.


Wonder Woman.

In 2015 when we get the Justice League movie DC and Warner Bros are desperate to get off the ground, we’ll be getting it without Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, or Hawkman.  Why? Because Warners doesn’t have enough time to shoehorn them into something.  I’m thinking a lot of their plans backfired when Green Lantern was a piece of a shit, so now they are too afraid to get these time-tested characters on screen first (a la Marvel with the Avengers).  Now they’ve pinned all of their hopes on Man of Steel being well-received so that can be the launch pad.  My advice to them: Don’t fuck this up. By the time we got Avengers we got a pretty stacked roster that is only going to expand with each subsequent film.  Why? Because Marvel did it right.  There is no shame in copying their template when BILLIONS of dollars are at stake.   Get more heroes on that team so it can really evoke that Gods of Olympus mentality the Justice League has long held.

At least get Martian Manhunter in there…

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One thought on “The Justice League Roster is Set.

  1. Dunn says:

    I don’t think it is that important to have each of the heroes start in there own movies (especially given how difficult it would be to reboot Batman so soon after Nolan’s films). The important thing is that they don’t try to do five origin stories in the first act of this movie. That would be a nightmare. If they were smart they would hire Alex Ross to do a few paintings showing the origins, just like the opening of Spiderman 2

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