Fake Movie Friday: Pill Poppin’ Walkers

I feel like this is a bit too much Resident Evil influenced, but I did get the title from Colm so it makes sense. This weeks tale of deadly pharmaceuticals and the effect they have on children is titled:

Pill Poppin’ Walkers

Mundymeo Corp is a world-wide, multi patent holding, pharmaceutical company who have been designing a new pill for ADD. The results have been spectacular in lab animal tests but they haven’t been able to do human testing… until now. They pay off some school and start to administer evaluations to students, which will always end with them diagnosing the students with a mild to severe form of ADD and telling them about an experimental new drug treatment they could opt into. 

The drug has some pretty harrowing side effects though, mostly that all the students get high as fuck off of them and show no signs of improvement or anything, but the company was able to stack the trials so full of students already doing well that they can fudge the numbers.

Anyway, the students decide to start to sell the medication and kids are doping all the time. Some students stop taking the drug all together, but keep going to the trials and selling their pills which make all the trials seem like they’re going even better than before. Mundymeo starts to make even greater dosages to give to students, and the cycle keeps revolving over and over again.

Eventually students stop waking up, laying in prolonged comas, and the parents go on a rampage. So Mundymeo starts to spike the water in the community with the drug and eventually everything cools out, but the hospitals are over run with kids in comas. And eventually parents, and then the hospital works.

Soon enough there are no one on the streets at all anymore, the town has become a ghost town and Mundymeo corp has to do something, erase whats happened. They are getting ready to wipe the town from the map when they notice that people are up and walking around again. Relieved some people go out into the streets, but they are met with intense violence.

The people watching form  the buildings see them get mauled and then dismembered by the walkers. The company starts to panic and sends out their guards, who are quickly over run by the population “waking” up. The soldiers they kill don’t return as zombies or anything like that. So the zombies come and ransack the building, people are holding up in locked rooms and just waiting. The towns people come through the ducts and floor to attack them. The should be a lot of really brutal and up close murder scenes.

The zombie like creatures start to rip through everything, but when they get to the lab with the animals they do kill many, but the ones who were also given the medication are left unharmed. The employees left realize this and decide to start popping the pills as well, which lets them be passed over by the walkers, but the dose they have been recently administering is so concentrated that they start to go into comas within minutes. Those who didn’t want to take the meds run but never make it far.

The movie ends with those employees walking around as zombies with the other ones, all fucked up with blood all over their mouths ready to devour the non-medicated.


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