Fake Movie A.I-day: The Haunting of Blackwood Manor

I’m back, baby. This time with a series(?) to explore the terrifying future of AI based screenwriting. I’ll be changing the genre every week and asking Deepai.org for the title of a nonexistent film and a plot synopsis for it to then use that as the launching pad. Everything in quotations is directly from the AI.

The Haunting of Blackwood Manor

“The Haunting of Blackwood Manor follows a group of four friends, Alex, Emma, Ryan, and Jake, who decide to spend a weekend at a secluded mansion in the woods, which they suspect is haunted. Blackwood Manor has a reputation for being cursed and the locals avoid it for that reason.” The groundskeeper, employed by the city, unlocks the gate for them but refuses to stay after dark. He tells him he needs to keep the gate locked when he leaves but tells them he left a key under a flower pot in case of emergencies.

Alex has dreams of being internet famous.
Emma recently lost her father and only agreed hoping to find proof of the afterlife.
Ryan is secretly in love with Emma.
Jake is the rich friend who is bankrolling Alex’s ventures but considers themselves a skeptic.

“As soon as they arrive at the mansion, strange things begin to happen. The group experiences terrifying visions, unexplained noises, and ghostly apparitions.” The group is elated at the footage they’ve captured so far and Ryan suggests leaving already. The others shoot him down and he changes his tune when Emma wants to stay.

“One night (peter: the first night) while exploring the mansion, they stumble upon a secret room that was hidden from view. Inside, they find a diary written by a former inhabitant of the mansion which tells of the ghostly presence that haunts the house.” Roger Blackwood was a rich man who used his means to pursue sorcery. He was attempting to bring back his dead wife. They find some evidence that he may have been successful.

“As the weekend progresses, the group becomes more and more terrified and they start to turn on each other. Soon they discover that the ghost in the mansion is not a benevolent one and is determined to possess a human host.” Each is visited by the ghost of Blackwood. He offers Alex ways to gain fame. He claims to Emma that he was successful and offers to help bring her father back. He tells Ryan his research contains spells to make Emma fall in love with him. He tells Jake that his treasure is still hidden on the grounds and he’ll show him where.

In exchange he wishes to take one of their friends as a host.. Alex needs to sacrifice Jake who Blackwood claims will only take his success. Emma needs to sacrifice Ryan because to bring someone you love back you need to sacrifice someone who loves you. Ryan needs to sacrifice Alex who the ghost claims is a threat to his potential relationship. Jake needs to sacrifice Emma as the ghost says something beautiful must die in exchange for wealth.

“As the story unfolds, the group uncovers the dark history behind the mansion’s curse and why the ghost is so hell-bent on possessing a human host. They eventually find a way to banish the ghost and escape the mansion.” Through misadventure Alex and Jake die. But not at the hands of the friend who needed to sacrifice them. Emma is the one to discover the true nature of Blackwood and his lies about being able to help them. She convinces Ryan who sacrifices himself to save her. Emma, heading outside to retrieve the gate key is instead killed by a gargoyle from the roof. The camera pans up to reveal the groundskeeper somehow possessed by Blackwood, who then flies off the roof.

“The Haunting of Blackwood Manor is a terrifying horror film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With suspenseful pacing, clever twists, and breathtaking scares, it is a movie that horror fans won’t want to miss.”