Fake Movie Friday: Late Again

So Playstation 4 came out yesterday. I talked to Tigs all day and was freaking out waiting for it to get delivered to my office. When it finally did I could not concentrate on ANYTHING. So clearly I forgot about writing a movie. So for the 3rd time in 81 weeks, here is a movie on Saturday

Late Again

The movie opens on a early 20s woman, Sarah, sitting in her apartment. She looks annoyed. She paces a bit and looks at the clock. She gets a call and explains that she doesn’t know where Charlie is. The doorbell rings and it is Charlie. She yells at him about being late yet again and how she just had to explain to his parents why they weren’t at the restaurant yet.

At the restaurant Charlie’s dad is angry about his son being late again like he has been his whole life. His mother is a bit apologetic about it which only angers his father. Charlie doesn’t have an excuse and the finish eating. He drops off Sarah and she tells him he needs to shape up or risk losing her. He heads home and we see there’s nothing special about his lateness, he just doesn’t seem to care. He sits on his computer, plays video games, and reads.

He shows up to work an hour late the next day because he zoned out over his breakfast reading a newspaper and watching cartoons. His boss is there waiting for him and tells him that it has reached the breaking point. They have to let Charlie go. Charlie doesn’t seem to care and heads home to pay video games. He gets a call from Sarah and is told that he needs to meet her at 7.

He continues to sit around and play and notices the clock says 645. He jumps up and rushes out. He drives but ends up getting lost in a part of town he has never seen before. He drives around for a bit and finally arrives at her place just 5 minutes late. He rings the bell but the person who answers the door is not Sarah. Things seem a bit off and Charlie is confused. The person says they don’t know her and that they’ve lived there for 5 years.

Charlie heads to his parents house to find it a mess. His father sits in a chair and shocked to see Charlie. He tells him that he’s been gone for 8 years. His mother died 3 years ago. She never lost hope in Charlie and this crushes him. His father starts to get angry but can’t find the strength and tells his son to leave.

Charlie somehow tracks down Sarah but learns she has moved on and will be married next month. She tells him that she tried to hope he was coming back but she couldn’t wait and moved on with her life. She invites him to the wedding as a polite gesture. Charlie runs out and buys a suit.

Sarah arrives with her mother at the church where the wedding will be held a month away and finds Charlie there, in a suit waiting. She asks him what he is doing. He says he doesn’t want to be late. She returns late one night that week and still finds him waiting there. They talk and he tries to explain that he doesn’t know what happened that night. She says it doesn’t matter it was the last in a long line of disappointments.

The story of Charlie waiting at the church starts getting around town, and is even featured on the news. He is congratulated by some passerbys and laughed at by others. People start throwing things at him in jest but are stopped by Charlies father. He walks up to Charlie, plants a seat down and waits with him. Sarah’s fiance arrives and is annoyed at Charlie. Charlie tries to tell him that he just doesn’t want to miss Sarah being happy. Of course the fiance thinks Charlie is trying to steal her. He punches Charlie who falls, hitting his head.

Charlie wakes up in hospital. His father sits next to him. They have a heartfelt conversation and his father opens up. He then tells Charlie that it is the day of the wedding. He jumps out of the bed and rushes down to the church in the hospital gown. He gets there on time but Sarah is no where to be found. He heads back to the hospital and finds Sarah in her wedding dress sitting in his room. He tells her that she is late for her wedding and she kisses him.


The End