Fake Movie Friday: Poor Old Man

I completely forgot that today was Friday again. I’m watching the episode of The Simpsons where Burns loses all his money and starts recycling with Lisa. Burns said this at one point.

Poor Old Man

We open on a senior, Jerry, walking down the street. He’s dressed to the nines carrying expensive looking shopping bags. He gets into a limo and driven home.  His phone rings and a picture of a beautiful younger woman pops up. He jokes about his wife checking in on him to the driver. The car pulls up to a swanky looking building and he passes by people moving furniture out. He rides the elevator up and as the door opens his young beautiful wife throws water at him.

We learn his company has tanked and he’s lost all of his money. His young wife leaves him. He heads back to the small town he is from. He visits his younger sister and she tells him she doesn’t have the room for him. They fight over how he never visited and how she never wanted his money. She offers to help him get into an assisted living home.

There he tries to flirt a bit with some of the female staff but with little success. He sits despondent on his bed when he hears a woman’s voice behind him. He turns to find, Carol, a formal lover. We see a short flashback montage of their relationship. They were in love but he was extremely ambitious. He leaves her to head off to find his fortune.

They flirt around the center as he begins to gain prominence with his charm around the place. This is the bulk of the film of him trying to mold his old life with his new. He figures out some way to make the place better for all the folks there and save the place money. He is hired by the management and starts to rise again, wheeling and dealing. Carol starts to fall for him again.

He moves out to a nicer place paid for by the company. He rises higher and higher. His young wife returns as his fortune builds again and he has the chance to move away to help start up another retirement complex and a better job and pay. He is one his way to leave with his young wife, but has a change of heart (I’m tired). He heads back to the small town to find Carol. She accepts him back. Yadda x3.