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Fake Movie Friday: Death Checks In

Welcome to another installment of Fake Movie Friday. A special day in which we make up a bunch of shitty films. The worst part about them though, is that you can almost picture them being real. Which is the sad sad state of movies.

I’m Peter and this is

Death Checks In

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Fake Movie Friday – Charlie Falls

Charlie Falls

Charlie Falls is loosely based on a non-existent author’s latter teenage years growing up in 1970’s Westchester, NY with his parents.  Josh Hutcherson plays Charlie.  His name is Charlie because it makes for a great title (Charlie Bartlett, Charlie Wilson’s War, Charlie St. Cloud). This is the type of movie that comes out in the early fall just as college students are going back to school.  The audience is clearly HS and college girls who think they are different and like dramas with cute boys.  It will have a very indie-fonted posted, and be reminiscent of something someone would make if they have only ever seen Wes Anderson films and nothing else.

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