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Twilight with Zombies: Warm Bodies Trailer actually looks good

I wasn’t aware that this was happening, but I have to admit that it looks good. Yeah, the concept is basically Twilight with zombies, but that film actually looks like a lot of fun, and with some great zombie designs to boot (those skeletons look pretty good). Granted I’ll pretty much watch anything with zombies, and a love story with zombies isn’t unprecedented. Return of the Living Dead 3 is basically Romeo and Juliet with zombies, and My Boyfriend’s Back and Zombie Honeymoon both deal with trying to continue a relationship after one party has been turned to a zombie. Looks like fun.

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Did You Know There Was A Breaking Dawn Part 2?

The giant ‘Twilight’ press machine has begun again. Teaser posters, billboards, magazine ads, and the what not. Is there any need at all to promote this film?
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Fake Movie Friday: Death Checks In

Welcome to another installment of Fake Movie Friday. A special day in which we make up a bunch of shitty films. The worst part about them though, is that you can almost picture them being real. Which is the sad sad state of movies.

I’m Peter and this is

Death Checks In

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