Did You Know There Was A Breaking Dawn Part 2?

The giant ‘Twilight’ press machine has begun again. Teaser posters, billboards, magazine ads, and the what not. Is there any need at all to promote this film?

This has been racking my brain since the 8th Harry Potter film. These are multi-million dollar franchises. Teen girls have read the books possibly multiple times. They’ve seen the movies and they probably own the DVDs. Everyone who wants to see this movie is ready to see this movie. Why spend the money to market it as much as we’ll see?

How can four previous films released every year not be enough exposure. Could there possibly anyone out there who doesn’t know about these movies who would want to see them?

Part 1 made $30m on opening night. That is a take based on people knowing the release date alone. The books got to the popularity that they are at through word of mouth alone. They passed from daughter to mother to mother to daughter in and on until a $37m budgetted ‘Twilight’ movie grosses $192m domestically.

Honestly, this is just a rant because I don’t want to look at Bella’s confused face and Edward’s brooding grimace.

Actually a new point arises right there. How many people already know this is a movie coming out who have zero interest in it? Even before marketing we knew this was happening. Why spend so much more money?

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6 thoughts on “Did You Know There Was A Breaking Dawn Part 2?

  1. Dunn says:

    Well, that’s the “does Coke still need to advertise?” idea, which I honestly don’t have the answer to. I for one can’t wait for the RiffTrax!

  2. peter says:

    Twilight is a movie to go see, there is no competition. If you want to see twilight you won’t accidentally go see pepsi instead.

    • Dunn says:

      Well, I think it is more about “I know what a Coke is, if I want a Coke I’ll buy a Coke” rather than being about competition. But regardless, I think you are mostly on point, especially considering how much marketing adds to a movies cost.

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