Worst Weekend of The Summer Revisited

We are not looking forward to this weekend. We swore to you we would see movies no matter what and talk about them on our podcast. This weekend we will be seeing ‘That’s My Boy’ and ‘Rock of Ages.’

This weekend has already been dubbed by us to be The Worst Weekend of the Summer. Let’s take a look at the third weekend of June throughout the years and hopefully find a better time.

2011- Green Lantern, Mr Popper’s Penguins: Well we weren’t going to get it on the first try right?

2010- Jonah Hex, Toy Story 3- Partial Credit.

2008- Get Smart, The Love Guru- Well I’m starting to think this is cursed weekend

2007- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Nancy Drew- Well now I know it’s a cursed weekend

2006- Tokyo Drift, Garfield 2, The Lake House, Nacho Libre- WHATS WRONG WITH THIS WEEKEND?

2003- Alex & Emma, From Justin to Kelly, Ang Lee’s The Hulk- MY EYES!

2000- Boys + Girls, Fantasia 2000, Shaft, Titan A.E.- I’m ashamed to say the only one of these films i saw in the theater was Boys + Girls. What? I was 15 and just starting seeing movies with boy/girl groups!

1998- Mulan, The X-Files- This is the best so far. Mulan is my favorite of the 90s Disney Princess boom.

1997- Batman and Robin, My Best Friend’s Wedding- Let’s go right back to shit, shall we?

1993- Last Action Hero- This wins! Also the weekend before was Jurassic Park, and the following weekend is the Walter Matthau starring Dennis: The Menace.

1991- The Rocketeer- I miss the early nineties

1990- Dick Tracy, Gremlins 2- I REALLY MISS THE EARLY NINETIES

1985- Cocoon, Return to OZ- This is an old, scary weekend

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Wow, there are so many of these I saw in the theaters… The Rocketeer, Last Action Hero, Batman and Robin, X-Files, Mulan, Titan A.E., Nacho Libre, Silver Surfer, Toy Story 3…. oh the memories

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