New Comic Wednesday

Hollywood has been looking for another Bourne. to solve this problem they actually created another Bourne. Bit lazy, but who is surprised by this. What they are really looking for is a story that mixes action with espionage. They could find this in Dancer.

A ballerina is out with her boyfriend as he appears to get nervous watching the people interact around him. He is being watched and they begin to converge on him. They flee.

This set up is in NO means new. Naming the series Dancer though gives off a bit of a feeling that there is more going on with her character. There is also a small twist to the end of the first issue regarding the identity of a shooter chasing them that really keeps you wanting more. A kind of twist that if tacked on to the end of a trailer could really peak movie goers interests.

(Dancer is an Image Comics series written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Nic Klein. Issue #2 was released today TIGS!)

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One thought on “New Comic Wednesday

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Fuck! I didn’t see it at Midtown yesterday. I’m going back today though to try and complete my I Zombie set. I did pick up Extermination, The Massive and Epic Kill #2 though. Did I buy issue #1 of Dancer when you were there? I honestly can’t remember

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