The Worst Weekend of The Summer

Decided to go through the coming soon section of to get a look at what the Movie Movie Podcast would be up to for the rest of the summer. Nicely enough I want to see something every weekend from now until October.

The exception to this is the weekend of June 15th, which I am dubbing the worst weekend of the summer.

Skipping over that weekend here’s what Summer Fridays will be giving us until the end of August.

Battleship (I need to see it just to understand)
Men in Black III (I can’t tell the little boy inside of me no)
Snow White and the Huntsman, Piranha 3DD (There is not a better double feature around. I’m talking about boobs of course)
Worst Weekend of The Summer
Brave (You don’t miss Pixar films that don’t involve cars)
GI Joe and Magic Mike (I wish this was one film)
The Amazing Spider-man and the Savages (I will probably enjoy one of them more. Hint: It involves a blonde f’ing 2 dudes and is not Spider-man)
Ted (I need to give it a chance. Wahlberg has some sweet comedy chops/ass)
Dark Knight Rises
The Watch (Richard Ayodade needs to get famous in the states)
Total Recall (High hopes for some masochistic reason)
The Campaign (This better be funny)
Expendables 2 (Dick explosion)
Lawless (I need to understand the casting of Shia)

Firstly for the worst weekend’s placement, it’s nestled nicely between Prometheus and Brave. Prometheus will have a decent first week but up against the right kind of movie won’t repeat a weekend win. Brave will only take your 2nd week audience away if you are a family film. It’s a nice weekend.

Opening June 15th is Adam Sandler’s ‘That’s My Boy’ and the Broadway import ‘Rock of Ages.’ I will be reading a book that weekend. Actually we here at Movie Movie will see them for you and podcast with a vengeance.

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