Cloud Atlas Trailer

A few years back I randomly bought a book entitled “Ghostwritten” by David Mitchell. A collection of loosely connected stories that I quite enjoyed. I returned to find more by Mitchell and was upon walking into the bookstore was attacked by a display of ‘Cloud Atlas’ books. Told in a similar style I’ve been wanting to read it but it’s popularity has kept it’s price high and I need that money to go see things like ‘Step-up Revolution.’

If you have sometime sit back and relax for this six minute trailer for the film. There are a great number of story lines in this film that they give you peaks at with many actor’s playing multiple roles.

It’s quite pretty, but I sadly can’t stop thinking about ‘Southland Tales’ and the absolute mess that film was. I think this movie will hit big in some fashion. It could be a film where stupid people don’t get how brilliant it really is or it could be a complete mess that stupid people think is great. Basically it depends on what I think of it.