Taylor Kitsch & And A Change of Course

Taylor Kitsch is about to hang up his guns and muscles and try something different while he can.  He has just agreed to star along with Brendan Gleeson in the film The Grand Seduction, which is an American adaptation of a french film Le Grande Seduction.

The film centers on a small fishing village that is falling apart and needs the business of a large factory looking to move there in order to stay afloat.  However terms of the factory contract state that the small town must get a town doctor in order for the factory to move there.  Brendan Gleeson would play one of the central townsfolk and Kitsch would play the doctor that the entire town attempts to seduce to stay there.  The original is a comedy and this film will be written by Michael Dowse who wrote and directed the criminally underseen Seann William Scott film, Goon, so I imagine a lot of the original tone will remain in tact.

This is an interesting move for Taylor Kitsch.  It is the type of move that suggests someone got in his head and recommended he start saying no to by the numbers brainless action films and show some range before he loses any shot at the career, people really seem to want him to have.  As a fan of his from Friday Night Lights, I would not think of him for a small independent comedy about a small town, but stranger things have happened.  Needless to say I think this will help him in the eyes of casting agents get more roles other than a sullen action hero.

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One thought on “Taylor Kitsch & And A Change of Course

  1. Dunn says:

    I loved Goon, so I’ll give this a shot.

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