Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Connected

Starting this on the previous Friday because I’m a FMF machine. Guess where this title came from? (The answer is Tigs)


Jake is riding high. He’s out with some friends at a bar. They are celebrating his engagement as well as his promotion. Things are going great. He just put a down payment on a house. He’s drinking pretty heavily and we start jumping ahead, skipping moments. We jump into a moment where he his punching someone in the face as the crowd gasps. His friends take him out of the bar and he gets put in a cab. A bouncer goes to one of his friends, “You’re man fucked up. That dude is connected.”

He wakes the next morning hungover. He doesn’t remember everything about the night before and answers the door to his apartment. Movers brush past him and a woman with a clipboard tells him his things are being repossessed. He’s confused and says there has to be some sort of mix up. He tries to argue but they kick him, forcefully out of the apartment.

His future father-in-law pulls up and tells him to get in. He has a cast on his hand and Jake asks him about it. The F-I-L tells Jake that he no longer has permission to marry his daughter. He makes vague reference to people coming to his home and breaking his wrist.

These things continue to happen to Jake. He gets suspended from work, his bank tells him there is something wrong with the mortgage for the new place. Everyone is very hush hush about why but they all have a broken bone and/or black eye. He is freaking out and finds his friend to figure out what happened last night. His friend is in a full body cast at the hospital. He tells Jake that the guy he punched out was connected to a crime family in the city. Jake really fucked up and needs to make things better, people are getting hurt and they will ruin Jake’s life.

Jake starts to work his way up the chain trying to find the head of the crime family. Everyone he talks to already knows who he is. They have a file on him already. They all look at him and shake their heads and tell Jake he’s probably going to die. On his way up the chain he runs into a rival family to the one he’s pissed off. They all love him. They tell him that they are willing to help him and he’s become a bit of a rallying call for the coming turf war. Jake is very confused.

Jake starts to get calls from the people from earlier (banker, work, f-i-l) and meeting them this time they have new injuries and tell him that they are sorry and that he can marry, have the mortgage, his promotion. Jake is seen now as a bit of a scary figure and he tries to tell them that he didn’t do anything. They all flinch away from him.

He goes to meet the head of the family that he pissed off. The connected nephew or something is there with a broken nose and 2 black eyes. As he is trying to apologize the other family busts in and a gunfight breaks out. Jake hides and ends up being the only survivor.

People start giving him tributes and gets a free addition, his promotion comes with a astronomical raise with tons of benefits, his fiancé is happy over the upgraded wedding venue and the appearance by some pop star at the reception. He accepts the weirdness that now is his life.

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