Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Inner Workings

So I thought I started this two weeks early but then I forgot to ask for a title at Pig Pile last night. Tigs sent me a lot of vague titles, which are the best to think over and put together.

Inner Workings

A young boy, Robbie, plays inside. His mother sternly asks him to go outside. He is being too loud and his father is trying to sleep. He heads out to play looking a bit sad. A truck approaches and two men unload a tall covered object and head towards his door. He runs behind them and his mother tells him to stay out of the way. He slowly moves around the corner trying to see what it is as he hears his mother talking to his dad telling her that the things from his father’s estate have arrived commenting it took them long enough since the funeral was last week. Robbie comes around the corner to find a huge, beautiful, and intricate grandfather clock.

Robbie goes to touch it but his mother stops him. Telling him to be very careful. It belonged to his grandfather. Robbie doesn’t remember meeting him but he was a great man who his father misses very much. listens carefully but seems confused over how his father has not been out to play with him. His mother goes off to cook and Robbie walks over to the clock. He breaks something and panics. A piece falls inside and he tries his best to reach into a small crack to retrieve it. He shuts his eyes and concentrates. A loud cracking of wood is heard and when he opens his eyes he find he is no longer in his living room. He has shrunk down into the clock, a bustling town of creatures at the base, above him gears pendulums and such hang about with different levels.

He notices the tiny piece and pushes through the crowd for it. He ends up angering a few strange creatures that go to attack him. A young swashbuckling hero type named Fob saves him. Fob tells Robbie that he will help him fix the clock. Beasts and other bad things have arisen in this world since the clock broke. Fob explains that time moves slowly in the clock world as Robbie looks out and seeing things moving slowly outside of it.

They begin going on an adventure together. Robbie talks to Fob about his issues with his dad. As they travel further up the clock Fob slows down and seems to be aging a bit. It turns out that time moves differently for the people as they move upward. Robbie learns that Fob has therefore given up his life to help him. Adventures continue with fights and traps and whatnot.

They reach the top and Fob is looking like a very old man. Robbie finds the backside of the face of the clock and goes to put the piece in. He has a final thing to do that he doesn’t have Fob’s help because he is too weak. Fob tells him that he can’t be there right now to make things right but Robbie knows what to do. Robbie is strong enough to fix what is wrong. Robbie says goodbye to Fob and fixes the clock.

He reappears back in his living room and heads to his father’s bedroom. His dad look upset but smiles a bit for Robbie. He sits on his dads lap and asks him to tell him about his grandfather. His dad pulls a picture out and begins to tell him a tale of the great man and hero his grandfather was. Looking at the picture we see the elderly grandfather holding baby Robbie, it looks exactly like the old Fob.

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