Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Part-Time Criminal

Look out world! Peter is starting a movie on a Monday! Let’s see if I can keep this motivation going for more than 15 minutes. All glory and honor to the Hypno-Tigs.

Part-Time Criminal

We open in a bank on a hot summers day. The teller is fanning herself off as a man struts up with hat and sunglasses. He talks to her so sweetly that she doesn’t even register the fact that he’s placed a gun on the counter. The rest of his crew burst through the door. Everyone gets to the ground and they detain the guards. He still keeps locked in with the teller who seems attracted to him. He leans in and she leans in as well thinking of kissing him. He tells her to empty the drawers.

We cut to a garage as the crew rolls in. Our handsome guy who they only refer to as Lucky. They joke about how they don’t know a whole lot about him, he’s very private but they all trust him. They also know that he only pulls jobs during the summer months. He claims it is because the tellers are tired and sluggish and it makes things easier. He leaves saying goodbye knowing this is his last job of the year. A man named Riker really pushes him to stay on for another job. We get the sense that some of the crew is afraid of Riker.

He drives for about an hour or two out of the city. He heads home to his modest sized yet fancy looking house and lays out his clothes. He wakes the next morning making a coffee, putting on a shirt and tie. He gets in his car and pulls into a spot outside of a high school and walks in. The sign out front says welcome back teachers.

He heads in and everyone greets him as Paul Greenside. He seems like the cool popular teacher among the rest. He flirts with staff lightly. He has a less cool lacky type friend. He dances around how he spent his summer vacation. We skip ahead a bit as the year starts and things are going well. His students like him as always and he’s starting to befriend a new kid in town who seems shy named Walter.

His “work’” phone has a lot of missed calls and it turns out one of the crew was killed. He keeps telling one of the others that he can’t get involved in it right now. He heads back to school that evening for parent teacher conferences. Walter walks in and Paul gets excited to talk to his parents, until Riker walks in behind him. Riker is his step dad. The conversation is tense. Paul rushes home afterwards and freaks out getting together his bug out bag. He doesn’t know what to do when the doorbell rings.

Riker stands at his door and threatens Paul. He forces him in to another job and makes vague mentions to the dead member of the group. The problem is the job is in town. Paul argues that he can’t do it because the whole town knows him. Riker doesn’t seem to care and tells him to figure it out.

They start the bank job and Paul is greatly disguised. Things start to go a bit poorly and Riker kills some people in the crew but Paul eludes him. He stops a car to steal it to chase Riker down and it happens to be his lacky friend who recognizes him immediately. His friend gets into the passenger seat and they have a comical conversation while Paul chases down Riker.

Paul runs Riker off the road and comes around the car. Riker pops out and the two of them fight. He takes down Riker deftly impressing his friend. Paul tells his friend to trust him and gives him some instructions. We jump ahead and it turns out Paul fakes his death and left millions to the school. We see him teaching in a small non extradition island nation having set himself up.

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