Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Judd, Judy, and Executioner

Totally forgot about the whole “maybe I’ll pre-write these” idea. So here I am on a train back to NYC on a Friday. Tigs is love. Tigs is life. This is a quick one.

Judd, Judy, and Executioner

Judd and Judy are in high school and were the best of friends. They grew up together and spend a lot of time hanging out, though platonically. We get the sense that Judy is into Judd but he’s a bit oblivious. Judd’s basement is full of computers parts and such and they are both nerdy. They are creating a video game together named Executioner. Judy announces suddenly that she has to go because she has a date with Travis, a cooler older kid.

Judd looks a bit shocked and Judy notices this a bit but is happy that it is having this effect on him. She leaves and he gets to work on the game himself. He’s trying some real ground breaking VR type shit along with a 3D printer and a storm is approaching. Things get a bit out of hand and lightning yadda yadda Executioner comes out of the game. He’s a large hooded axe-wielding killer.

Judd was working on a model of Travis for the executioner to kill, and grumbling about Judy. The Executioner thinks he needs to go kill Travis. Judd has to chase Executioner around town. Executioner beats up some football players who pick on Judd. The two stumble on a party and everyone loves Executioner. He buts a table in half and the cops come. He has a run in with the police and ends up fighting them finding out he’s impervious to bullets.

He tracks down Travis and Judy at the movies and Travis is freaked out and pees him pants crying. Judy yells and Executioner turns around to see her. He kneels dropping his axe. He pledges his allegiance to the God Queen. She seems confused and Judd gets her to lead Executioner back to the basement. They get him back in the game somehow and Judy learns that Judd has been programming this secret part of the game where a model of Judy is the God Queen who rules the land as the most beautiful creature in the world. They admit their feelings for each other and kiss.

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