Fake Movie Friday Vol 2- The Caper of Causality

Only 3 weeks left in the year so I should probably use two of them to finish up a trilogy I started during week 41. Title comes from Tigs. Here is a link to the first film The Case for Causality.

The Caper of Causality

Arthur is busy with cases and clients. He’s the talk of the town, we are reintroduced to his neighbor Nora who still hangs out with him and helps him as a bit of an office manager. She also helps him when after a long day of using his power he is exhausted and has a terrible headache. She is making him tea and she starts to hum a song. He gets a vision/memory of being younger and that song being sung to him. He freaks out a bit and asks her about it. She tells him it was just a melody stuck in her head. She heads out and he relaxes until the phone rings.

He heads out and enters a fancy looking office in a high rise. A rich businessman, named Silas Wetherland, tells Arthur that he has heard great things and needs his help. A woman is trying to black mail him and he needs Arthur to track her down and prove his innocence. He gives Arthur a note from her along with a bloody shirt that she is claiming came from Silas attacking her. Arthur takes the shirt and can see with his power how she cut herself and made the bloodstains herself. He heads out and finds her. When he does she is dead, he has a vision of her being paid off and then killed. He realizes he’s been set up. The cops are there in seconds and Arthur is arrested.

He is questioned and though they don’t haven enough evidence to arrest him, they let him go. The investigation is lead by Detective Fran Coventry. A younger officer who doesn’t believe Arthur’s claims and tells him she’ll be keeping a close eye on him. He does a bit of his reading of people on her to try and convince him and she is uninterested and gives him reasons why he could figure that out using clues and not some magic powers. Arthur goes looking for Silas and sees him outside the high-rise where the office was. He sees Silas sweating and nervous and with his gift sees why, he sees him being paid off by a mysterious figure and hiding files in a safe in the office in the top floor.

He starts to plan a break in to enter the office and get the evidence that could exonerate him. He has to deal with Coventry being on his ass. She is constantly one step ahead of him and he begins to admire her skill. He enlists the help of the now retired Polanski who gets to play a bit more comedic in this movie. Polanski helps distract Coventry and Arthur’s plan is put into place. He is able to enter the building understand the weaknesses and problems of all of the guards. He can see how the cameras were installed and more inside the building.

He makes his way to the top floor and into the office. He breaks into the safe but by this time his head is killing him from over using his powers. He finds what he is looking for and gets the evidence he needs to prove his innocence. He finds some other things about him but they start to trigger too much power because what he starts to see are visions of himself and how he got the way he is. We see more of the lab and for the first time he sees a younger Nora, a nurse holding him singing the song from earlier. He passes out from exhaustion.

He wakes up at home. Polanski is there with Coventry. Fran arrived first and helped Polanski get Arthur out of the building as seeing the evidence she agreed to help them. We get the sense that they definitely like each other. They both ask Arthur what happened to him and before he can start he notices Nora has entered the room. He looks a t her stunned and confused about to cry and she answers “I think I have some answers for you.”

To Be Continued

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