Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Pockets

Got the suggestion from an audience member at the show last night, which also happened to be one of Pete’s characters in the show last night. This… does not have anything to do with that character


We open on a fresh crime scene, the crime scene photographers are there taking pictures of a mutilated body in the middle of a small apartment. Detective Biggs and Detective Palmer come onto the scene and scan the area, then both go over to the body.

“Same M.O. as the rest, Biggs?”

“The exact same. Nothing major missing from the home, the victims wallet and personal effects are all here. But every pocket in the place has been ripped off and taken.”

Smash cut to the title screen.

Biggs is visiting his police psychiatrist, who’s office is always clean and spotless, speaking about the crimes and how he hasn’t caught the serial killer. There is never any evidence left at the scene and they’ve been trying for years but have come up empty handed every time. Biggs goes through the crime scenes over and over with the psychiatrist, trying to talk through it but leaves feeling empty.

Back at his desk Palmer is looking through the case files when Biggs comes up to him asking if there is anything substantial, finger prints or anything, but Palmer says that the only things they found were some hair follicles that he expects to just be the victims, and the blood that he assumes the same but has to wait for the lab with the results.

Biggs heads to his empty apartment afterwards, pours himself a drink and thinks about the crimes but nothing seems to be coming to him. He goes to bed that night and has a terrible nightmare about being stuffed in someones pocket with the blood and guts of the murder victims, carried around and drowned in the entrails.

He’s woken up by a call from Palmer that there was another murder and Biggs rushes to the scene. This time it’s a bit sloppier, there is a ton of stuff broken around the apartment, the victim has fought the attacker but ultimately lost the struggle. Palmer thinks this could be a good lead for them, there must be some more evidence here.

At his psychiatrist Biggs describes the murder scene and says that he thinks he can finally start to rest easy at night and that this one will lead to the arrest. Going back to his desk, Palmer is there waiting for him where Palmer lets Biggs know that there was a problem with evidence tampering and the samples are basically useless. Biggs throws a huge fit and screams at Palmer, since he was the one who bagged everything, and storms out of the office.

He heads to a bar and starts to drink away his pain when he decided to call Palmer up and apologize. He invites Palmer to the bar and they talk a bit when Biggs notices some cuts on Palmers arm, which Biggs inquires about but nothing Palmer says is to his liking. He shambles back to the station and starts to put everything together, determines that is has to someone working on the force and arrests Palmer.

Palmer is stunned by the news and fights the charges, and they are indeed dropped. Biggs heads to the psychiatrists office to tell her what he had done and how close he though he was. She asks if he is sure it has to be someone on the force and he says he’s positive. She has a take a call and leaves the office for a bit, when Biggs starts staring into space and notices some untidy bits of her office. He looks closes and notices something that looks like cloth and as he gets closer realizes it’s actually a pocket! She comes back in with Biggs holding the pocket in his had and she makes a run for it. There’s a big chase but he eventually catches her.

There is a big celebration, Biggs apologizes to Palmer and everything is good. The killer is behind bars and they can finally start to rest easy at night. Biggs and Palmer get decorated with medals and look for their next case to solve together.


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2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Pockets

  1. peter says:

    I don’t know. I think if you really pay attention to this there’s a pretty strong connection to the character of Pockets

  2. Dunn says:

    As soon as I read she had I clean office I knew she did it. Good read!

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