Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Endless Sunshine

Title comes from last nights Pig Pile. I’m starting this at 8:15 am. Let’s hope it makes sense!

Endless Sunshine

We open on an oil drill. Things start rumbling and men are running around frantic as oil is struck. The camera pulls back to a group of protesters and we settle on one attractive looking 20-something, Rebekah, who is really sad. She heads home on a bicycle to a shared apartment. Her friends there convince her to come out with them. She agrees and they start to party. She meets this attractive dude, Curtis, who is out celebrating with friends and they hit it off. She talks about how much she loves the sun and that she wishes she wishes she could live in perpetual sunshine.

The two get very drunk and she ends up going home with him. Waking up in his house the next day they both seem happy with what happen as they discuss the parts of the night they remember. She finds out he own the oil drill.

We flashback to the oil drill from earlier and we see the day from his perspective. He’s been struggling and really needs a big win. His comic relief friend coaches him that things will be fine and that’s when the drill strikes oil. His friend convinces him to come out and celebrate though. Curtis says that there is a lot of work to do making sure the well is safe and that the surrounding area will be ok, clearly a decent guy. They head out where he meets Rebekah and takes her home.

We cut back to the morning where the two argue a bit. He tries to convince her to give him a chance. He really felt they hit it off. She leaves. He’s bummed and retreats to his home office where we see through pictures that this was a business inherited from his father. We also see he has some plans for a solar powered engine system.

He is able to track her down and does his best to convince her that he shares her concerns. He is actually trying to get out of the oil business and needed start up money. The latest find is enough to get that together. They begin to date and he helps her with her organizing and she in turn connects him with the right people for his solar design.

Things are going well until she collapses one day. He rushes her to the hospital and they find out she has a brain tumor or something that will soon kill her. He tries to convince her to do all these treatments but she says no, she can except it is her time and just wants to live it out in the sunshine. He almost returns to partner with comedic relief friend in the oil business to raise some more money for her treatments but he thinks better of it.

She starts to get worse and worries that he is closing himself off from her. She goes to his workshop and it’s empty. He appears with his completed solar power design. She seems ecstatic that it will better the world. He tells her that he doesn’t care about that right now and she sees he’s backed her a bag. They begin to travel towards the sun. He’s set it up with drivers, boat captains, and guides that they switch the engine from vehicle to vehicle always staying ahead of the sunset.

She dies with him at her side, having seen the world in endless sunshine.

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