Fake Movie Friday: Be Mine, Frankenstein

Today is Valentine’s Day. In celebration I’m going to see the Lego Movie with Alex and Tigs. I’ve already seen it. This is my day. Here is my final  love story film in celebration of February. title from everyone’s Valentine, Tigs.

Be Mine, Frankenstein

The movie starts with the famous scene from all Frankenstein movies. It’s black and white and a man is working in his lab hoisting a gurney up to the sky light. Lighting strikes and he lowers it. The body on the table moves. He screams it’s alive. The camera pulls back and we see that this is on a TV and sitting on the couch is a teenage kid with a party hat. His parents sit on either side of him. His mother is crying. He says “Do we really have to watch this every year on my birthday?”

In voice over he explains that his mother couldn’t get pregnant but they really wanted a child. His father decided instead of adopting that he would create a son. His father is Dr. Frankenstein, but he chooses to go by his mothers maiden name, Minster. This is an ongoing gag that people call him Frankenstein, and he says “No, Frankenstein is my father’s name.” He talks about high school is hard with bits like “The locker room is tough for everyone but imagine the difficulty when you’re butt is a different color.” Cut to someone seeing he has a black ass.

He’s ostracized at school a bunch but there is one girl that he really likes, named Shelley. She is being hit on a bit aggressively by some jocks and he sticks up for her. She makes a big scene asking him to prom in front of everyone and he agrees. There’s a fun sequence with him getting fitted for a tux with all his limbs being different lengths.

He picks her up for that dance and they head towards the venue. He asks her where it is and she says its at the bottom of the hill by the old windmill.  At the dance they have a good time. They dance and he spins her a bit too aggresively and she hurts her ankle. Her gal friends take her up to the windmill for some air. He sits outside upset and the jocks surround him. They want to beat him up. They start throwing fireworks at him. One lights a bottle rocket but it sores up the hill towards the windmill.

He tells him that he doesn’t want to fight them. All of a sudden a scream is heard as they realized the bottle rocket has set fire to the windmill. The camera zooms on his face as he says ‘Fire! Bad!’ He runs up the hill and ends up rescuing Shelley from the fire. Her hair gets a bit scorched and looks like the bride of frank a bit.  The entire school claps for him and the two kiss.

The End.