Fake Movie Friday: 100 Knights

Hey look! It’s week 100. I have so many people to thank. Not, really. Just Tigs, the Brando Moreau to my weird tiny dude. But anyway, as I’ve said, really more excited for 104, bringing me to 2 years of wasting my time and yours.

100 Knights

We open in  a forest around a campfire. Its medieval times and a small acting troupe is entertaining a small crowd with a story of heroes past. The people look tired and poor. They try their best to entertain them but the crowd isn’t into it.

After the show the 6 of them sit around talking. They argue about why they traveled with the people. The people are there helping to build a new castle for a newly appointed Lord. The lord brought only a small band of knights with him but a great deal of common folk. The troupe came to possibly make some money from the town that would spring up.

The land hasn’t been as good as they hoped and no one is prospering. To add to that there have been sightings of a barbarian horde nearby that isn’t happy about the new castle. There have been a few attacks lately. The new Lord tries to calm the people down, but his small group of knights seem nervous. The barbarians come and burn some of their boats. The Lord and his knights flee in the remaining boat.

The people are nervous and the troupe tries to calm them down. They gather in what is built of the castle and keep everyone together. The troupe argues amongst themselves over what to do.  There is one of is real gung-ho about helping, but mostly to impress a woman. The one who does sets and costumes has an idea. They find a store of weapons and such that the knights left. They make it seem like the castle is complete. They build fake ships to make it seem like help is approaching.

This works to keep the barbarians at bay for a time. The troupe is preparing themselves for another stand. The one who was trying to impress the girl ends up sleeping with her before they work to get the townspeople together safe inside.

The barbarians attack and are repelled a bit by a number of tricks and traps. The barbarians break through the walls. They fight with the troupe killing most of them. The one protects the door where they put the townspeople and is killed. The barbarians break down the door to find the room empty, they also rigged it to catch on fire and trap the barbarians, killing them all. We cut to the woods nearby as we watch the townspeople escaping away unharmed.

We cut to a forest around a campfire. It’s modern times and a small acting troupe is entertaining a crowd about a story of the 100 knights who defended the people of the city way back when.

The End