Fake Movie Friday: Buck, Naked

I’m writing this on Thursday. I just asked Tigs (my moon and my stars) for a title and he got mad, and was hoping I would have forgotten and he could spring this on me tomorrow in NOLA. Well since my one supporter wishes me to forget then I think that means I can’t stop at 2 years. I must keep going!

Buck, Naked

We open with Dale in his office. He works as a real estate agent in a town just outside a big city. He looks bored at his desk. His boss calls him in and tells him that he’ll be taking a big listing from him. Dale is peeved, but keeps it together. his boss gives him a different listing. Somewhere a bit out of town by the woods. He leaves his bosses office and is chatted up by Christy, the secretary. He heads home early a bit upset. When he gets there he finds his girlfriend in bed with the neighbor. They fight and she leaves only to go next door and stay with him.

The next day he gets up and heads to the new listing. He cleans up a bit and such to get ready to show it. He opens the curtain to the sliding door leading to the backyards and in the woods catches a glimpse of a fully nude man walking by. He double takes and loses sight of him. He continues with his work and has a family come look at the house. He is showing them around and notices the naked man again. He does his best to keep the family from the windows. He is unsuccessful and the family leaves in disgust, not liking the neighborhood.

Dale heads out into the woods in search of the man. He finds a small camp set up and starts looking around. He turns to find the naked man, who turns out to be a super friendly laid back man named Buck. Buck lives in the woods away from society and doesn’t believe in clothes. Dale tries to get him to leave the area so he can sell the house but Buck is just to sweet and the two end up hanging out and talking. Dale tells Buck a bit about his recent problems and actually feels a bit better. Buck tells him that he’ll try his best to stay out of sight.

Later Dale answers his door to find his ex crying. She is trying to apologize and says she made a mistake. Dale is a bit sympathetic but is interrupted by the doorbell ringing. He opens it to find Buck, still naked. Dale is shocked as Buck walks past him into the house. Dale’s ex screams as Dale tries to explain what is happening. She gets weird and Buck is completely friendly and introduces himself.  He tell Dale that he got his address from the Real Estate company. Dale’s ex leaves. Buck feels bad but tells Dale that getting back together with her was a bad idea anyway. The two end up hanging out and having a good night.

Buck tells him all about how being nude can help you get a much better feel for your surroundings. Dale heads to the listing and takes off his clothes. He feels great and runs around the house making some minor adjustments to things and the house looks great. He ends up getting a family the next day to put in a offer. He heads home excited and sits around his house nude. He begins moving things around and someone knocks on the door. He answers it nude without thinking and is met with Christy. She gasps and he shuts the door, grabbing a robe, and apologizing. She was stopping by to bring him some paperwork for the house. He tells her a bit about Buck and they end up having a great time. She kisses him quickly before leaving.

The next day at work he gets into trouble for sitting in his office nude. His boss tells him he knows his girlfriend left but he needs to pull himself together. He tells Dale he’ll be taking over the house he just got a family to put a bid in on, a development is interested in the land and would be a bigger deal. Dale heads into the woods to hang with Buck, the both of them naked. They decide to start messing with Dale’s boss. They ruin the development deal being all around the area nude and Dale is fired. Buck tells the boss that he is fired. The boss is confused and it turns out Buck owns the house and all the land around it. He was interested in selling but now he has decided to keep it.  The boss turns in a huff and tells Christy to come with him. She instead takes her clothes off and joins Buck and Dale. We cut ahead and they all live in the house and surrounding woods. They have been joined by others in a small nudest group.


The End