Fake Movie Friday: Black and Forthe

I wrote an outline for this at my regional meeting today. The title that I was originally going to work from was Back and Forth, but I think it was one of my finer ideas to change it to this.

Black and Forthe

Tom Forthe stands at a gravesite. The priest talks about the struggle that his son went through in life. We see flashes of his son, the drug dealer. He his killed by his own gang. Tom goes to leave the funeral but is stopped by a woman. She says she is sorry that Curtis Black couldn’t make it. She feels bad that they haven’t seen one another in quite some time. They allude to Curtis being Tom’s friend from the army.

Later at home Tom is in his basement. He is surrounded by guns and is arming up. Above his head we see a picture of himself and Curtis in the army and a picture of his son as a child. Tom heads out and beats up some dealers and finds out the whereabouts of a supply house. He heads to bust it up. He kills some men on the first floor and heads upstairs. He kicks open the door but finds Curtis there. Curtis tackles him through a window landing on the roof of a car.

Curtis gets up first and looks up. He calls to the others and tells them to run. He tosses Tom’s lifeless looking body into the trunk of another car and drives off to the lake. He opens the trunk and wakes Tom up. It turns out Curtis is now a police officer and has been undercover. They fight as Curtis tells him he knew his son was involved but couldn’t do anything. He has plenty of evidence but his bosses want him to move up the ladder, they want the big fish. He tells Tom he wants to help, but there is something they need to do first.

Curtis drives Tom to a run down apartment building and knock on a door. A scared looking woman opens but warms when she sees it is Curtis. The two enter and they sit. Curtis asks about her child and she goes and gets the baby for them to see. When she is returning it to its crib, Curtis tells Tom that he just met his grandson. Tom’s son had fathered it but never told him about it.

They leave and Curtis asks if Tom still wants to go through with this. He does. Curtis starts feeding him info little by little. Tom goes on a rampage killing tons of drug dealers. Curtis is walking down the street and is thrown into a police car. He jokes with his partner about keeping up appearances but not too rough. His partner asks him about the stories of the vigilante attacking the  drug ring. Curtis plays dumb.

Curtis’ partner drives him off but Curtis starts to get confused about where he is going. They turn into an old warehouse where Curtis finds the leaders of the drug ring. They beat him up a bit. The head guy who we recognize as the one who killed Tom’s son asks the partner if Curtis has a wire. The partner says they haven’t put one on him today. Curtis laughs. his partner rips his shirt off and they see a wire. His partner backs off and says he doesn’t know where that came from and looks afraid of the drug dealers, but then a car bursts through the wall killing him.

Tom hops out of the car and its mayhem. Black and Forthe start killing everyone. Its nuts and they are hurt but survive. The cops show up and Curtis tells them he suspected his partner was dirty and wore the wire, not mentioning Tom. The captain arrives and asks where all the money is. Curtis turns to see the bag is gone (for some reason they brought both drugs and money to kill this cop). We but to the door of the apartment building opening and Tom’s “daughter-in-law” looks down to see the bag of cash.

We cut ahead to Curtis healing up at home. The phone rings, it’s Tom. He won’t tell Curtis where he is but tells him he is safe and the money went to a good place. We switch to where Tom is and we see him in a tropical area watching over his Grandson at the beach, but not approaching. A group of men are hitting on the mother and she isn’t interested. They head down the beach. Tom tells Curtis he has to go and heads menacingly in their direction.

The End.