Fake Movie Friday: The Morning After

Greeting friends! I don’t have a ton to say right now so let’s get right to it. Title comes from Tigs, who puts my Cat in a Hat

The Morning After

We open with a helicopter shot looking down on a small cabin. At a high speed we have a single car drive up, the lights coming on, someone skinny dipping in the lake behind it, a few more cars showing up, a party, some people leaving, a mysterious figure entering, people being chased, people being killed, a car crashing, a car driving into the lake, and finally as the run is rising a 4 people running from the burning house. Cut to title card.

We cut to the 4 people in the middle of the road, the house still burning behind them. Jill sits, blood on her torn shirt, crying softly. Toms stand above her not sure how to console her holding his shoulder where he has been stabbed. Tyler lays unconscious by them his broken leg poorly tended to.  Scott paces back in forth, blood on his hands.

Jill starts the conversation about if they are sure that the maniac died in the fire. Scott, looking at his hands tells her that he is positive that who or what that was didn’t make it. Tom bends to put and arm around Jill but she recoils and tells him to stay the hell away from her. This starts a bit of a fight as Scott and Jill blame Tom for what happened to Jodi. Tom tries to say he did all he could but clearly no one believes him.

Some time goes by and they begin to worry about anyone seeing the smoke and coming to investigate. They argue about which way to head for help. Scott wants to leave Tyler, but Jill says they can’t do that. Scott suggests that Tom wait with him, but this starts another argument. Tom and Jill date, or did date, its a bit weird at this moment. Tom doesn’t want Jill going off with Scott alone. Jill doesn’t trust Tom, and Scott frankly doesn’t give a shit.

They settle on trying to make something to drag Tyler on and begin to make their way. The sun  begins to beat down on them and they need to rest. Dragging Tyler has been more work than they thought it would be. They hear water in the distance. Jill and Tom offer to go see if they can drink it. They fight down by the river and Tom tells her sorry about Jodi. He was only thinking about the two of them and would have done anything in order for them to survive. Jill doesn’t seem to like this excuse.

When they get back Jill looks at Tyler and see some blood around his back. She approaches, realizing he is dead. Tom moves him and finds a wound in his back. Scott says that he must have been stabbed and they didn’t notice it, though he seems very suspicious.


So they figure out that Scott has clearly snapped from last night. His survival instinct is overloaded and he thinks he needs to kill them to survive. The rest of the movie is a bit of cat and mouse as they flee from him through the woods. They fight him off and he falls off a cliff. Tom turns to help Jill but instead she pushes him off and stares into the camera with the same weird stare Scott had. She walks off and we finally hear sirens.

The End.